Do Dior repair shoes?

  1. I bought a pair of thong sandals from Selfridges, at the Dior conession and after a few wears the stap broke! This was last year , does any one know if I brought them in if Dior does repairs.:confused1: I still have the reciept
  2. hey cammy1,

    yup dior should be able to repair it for you. you just need to bring it back with the receipt and they should be able to take it in for repairs. the catch though is you might have to wait some time for it to be fixed. if it's a relatively simple job, perhaps you might want to take it to a shoe repair shop or a leather specialist (if it's a leather strap).

    good luck and i hope everything turns out okay!
  3. Thankyou so much for your advice I will take it back when I am next going to Dior hopefully they will be ready in time for summer.;)

  4. dont wink girl sometimes it takes that long ! :confused1: :p zero had to wait months to have her gaucho repaired and it wasnt even a serious issue ...
  5. That means I a heading down there tomorrow! Do you know if you have to pay? :confused1:
  6. i'm not sure about shoes, but bags have a warranty of 1 year. i got my gaucho fixed for free but it took a lot of hair-tearing and talks with the management, etc (even though i only had it for a week!) heh and nat's right, took them ages to merely replace 2 small rivets on the strap. geez.

    you could ask, but as far as i know, the cost shouldn't be too exhorbitant i hope. *crosses fingers for you*