Do designer shoes last longer?

  1. That is, compared to "regular" shoes?

    Obviously it depends if you wear them daily, weekly or less often, but is there a difference in the wear?
  2. It does depend on wear. Like a couple of months ago, I was wearing a pair of MB "stolen shoes" from SATC. The crystal part on the top came off. Granted I was out clubbing, but come on. I wasn't break dancing!!! It was only like the 4th time I wore them! On top of it, I called MB and since I didn't buy them from them, they wouldn't fix them. I took them to a local shoe cobbler and he fixed them. Soooo, for that reason, I have invested in several pairs of "Oh Deer" shoes for my clubbing needs and I don't care if they get stepped on or marked up. BTW, the "Oh Deers" have held up very well. :yes:
  3. I often wonder this, but I think you just take better care of more expensive shoes automatically lol, so its hard to tell if they are better made, or if they are just better cushioned for comfort :smile: either way, im a sucker for them hee hee :biggrin:
  4. Wow, that sucks. You really wouldn't expect MBs to do that so soon...
  5. Yes and no. The answer is that it depends on the shoe!

    Real leather, not the crap that most companies like to call leather, has a longer life. A lot of "leather" has been split to be several mm thin and then glued onto a cardboard-like substance to make it thicker. Some of it is actually suede or some other thinner and less hardy substance that has been treated to look like real leather: paint, etc, can do this.

    The issue I have with most designer shoes is that the soles are made of leather and I go tromping around on the grass and the soles get wet. I either get my soles covered by my cobbler or I am careful to wear them on sunny days.

    But it's not whether the shoe is designer that determines the quality of the shoe! I had a pair of Doc Martins from the 90s that lasted 10 years, but I know a guy with an identical pair of sketchers that lasted 2 years. Neither of these brands are designer, and the shoes are marketed similarly and look the same; but one company made a better quality sole than the other and used higher quality leather.

    Manolos have a prestige about them, but I don't know a lot of people who wear Manolos that aren't incredibly careful with them. They treat them like a prize, often they refuse to wear them more than once a week in order to let them air, etc.

    Think about it - if you were a brand attempting to market a shoe on a quality other than price, what would be your best marketing strategy? Cool ads, popularity, word of mouth, quality? A lot of designer companies market themselves as "designer" because they want to give off an image of luxury. They can't afford to produce their goods in large quantity of very cheaply, so they hinge their marketing strategy on the concept of the luxury item.

    And oh by the way, luxury means different things to different people! Essentially it is tied to prestige in the minds of the buyers.

    But anyways, if you want quality shoes there are much better criterion than label/brand.
  6. BUT I should add than on the whole, my designer shoes have lasted longer and held up better than my cheap-o ones. They're generally more comfortable and they look better.

    On the whole.

    There is the exception to the rule of course.

    And I am more careful with them! I mean, I don't tend to wear them in the rain or snow or sleet.
  7. I baby my shoes. I only wear my work shoes indoors and when I go out of the office I throw on tennis shoes. But this is also at the urging of my foot doctor, because I have broken my ankle in the past and she suggested that I wear tennies outside of the office.
  8. There are a few things I noticed in general between expensive shoes (not necessarily designer) and cheaper shoes:

    1. Leather quality is different - The more expensive shoes usually use thicker, softer leathers. The leathers feel like they mold to your foot. In the cheaper shoes there is some type of substance that makes your foot feel like it's in cardboard.

    2. Lining - Expensive shoes are usually lined in a natural materials like leather which allows the foot to beathe and helps keep the foot from sweating. Cheaper shoes are usually lined in something synthetic which does not breath and makes the foot sweat. I know this is gross, but due to the synthetic linings, I tend to get mold in my cheap shoes I wear often. I never get this in shoes lined with natural material.

    3. Heels - Heels are usually nailed and glued instead of just glued. Some companies use screws instead of nails. The expensive heels tend to be sturdier and break less often. The expensive shoes typically cover the heels while the cheaper shoes don't since it will use more materials and cost more to produce.

    4. Soles - Most expensive shoes have leather soles. Cheaper shoes have a synthetic sole like rubber or plastic.

    5. Padding - The padding in expensive shoes is usually made of more durable materials than the cheaper ones.

    6. Last - Expensive shoes tend to invest more development time and money in their lasts. The last is a replica of the foot that is used in the shoe's design. This determines how well a shoe fits and how well it supports your foot. The expensive shoes spend more money on the lasts; the cheaper shoes invest as little as possible.
  9. Unfortunately not. I'm a absolute sucker for designer shoes but I've got male friends who only believe in welt-sewn shoes and they gave me a long lecture about my designer shoes and they are definitely not a something that is made to last but it's a fashion piece. A lot of designers do actually not use the best leathers.

    I received a lecture about what I always thought were leather soles of my Louboutin and Prada shoes. The soles are not real leather but tiny little leather waste flakes that get pressed.

    Needless to say I do not care. I love my shoes and pay the price for the design and just take good care of them.

    If I want shoes that are made to last I'll invest in something welt-sewn but I have yet to see a welt-sewn womens shoe that is really feminine.
  10. Agree with this!

    I love great shoes, but don't think you get more wear from a $500+ than a cheaper pair, but like mentioned, we're more likely to take better pair of Manolos etc...

    I have a pair of great, black sandals which I have worn every summer for more than 7 years..I get the heels repaired and off they go again, I walk around all day shopping in the heat and dust and they never show much wear..the secret: what looks like black leather straps is plastic!!:biggrin:
  11. It depens on how often you wear your shoes and how much care you give 'em depending on the material.

    Some of my MB aren't babied and they are my working shoes (black leather pumps). I've worn one or two pairs almost everyday to work for more than a year and they are just great. The tip of the heel didn't came off and need to be replaced. If I compare to my tod's pumps, the tip of the heels came off after about 2-3 months of daily wear.

    Nine West is pretty good shoes for daily wear as well as a clubbing shoes :smile: It may not last as long as MB, but for the price, I find it a pretty good buy.
  12. Me too! The answer for me is: my designer shoes last because I treat them very well, and I don't "commute" in them. My non-designer shoes do not last, in part because I don't treat them well. I don't buy extremely delicate designer shoes; so, "toe to toe", my designer pumps are made of superior materials, and have stronger heels. Much higher quality. That, in conjunction with care, means they live much longer (and look much better, even in age) than my cheapie commuters!
  13. Don't laugh, but I have very sensitive feet that sweat a LOT and because of that, I find that I have to find the softest, leather lined shoes available. I've had much success with Easy Spirit because of that- they don't look anywhere near as orthopedic as they once did and my feet are happy.

    My SA at Bloomingdales told me to go for leather lined shoes, the softest I can find, and to use Easy Spirit until I can find other designers' shoes that work for me.