Do Daria Hobo's have made in tags???

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  1. Hi

    Just a quick question for anyone who owns a Daria Hobo Bag

    I have just purchased one in the Suede Printed Croc and there is no made in tag inside ?

    I had it authenticated by the lovely ladies on here and it all seems ok just odd theres no tag

    Just wanted to compare against others ?

  2. Hi, my pheasant green Daria Hobo has a made in tag... it's sticking out of the lining on one side.
  3. Yea I looked there but couldnt see anything ;-( I pulled all the lining out just incase but nothing

    Wondering if maybe for some reason the Suede Croc ones didnt have it. But dont understand why

    Thanks for your reply x
  4. That's odd, perhaps the previous owner cut it out or, as you say, they were simply made without one. I wouldn't worry too much if you've already had it authenticated. Enjoy it! I love my Daria, it's probably my most used bag :smile:
  5. Not all bags have a made in tag, irrespective of the model, and the absence of one is not an authenticity concern. If there is one though, we can use it as an aid to establishing authenticity.