do croc birkins lose their sheen?

  1. Do they lose their sheen easily? I am thinking of buying a pre-owned croc but is worried about the sheen on a used one. Is there any way to protect the sheen from fading? Can we polish it? Sorry if I sound really ignorant, but I really have no idea! Please help.
  2. I've heard that yes, brand new ones lose their brand new shiny look. Not that they look bad though. I've only seen brand new and way vintage bags so I can't contribute more than that but I'd like to know too.
  3. My SA told me that once the glaze is gone, that's it. They don't reglaze. But maybe some lovely TPFers heard or experienced otherwise.
  4. I've got a two-year old Croc Kelly that goes for annual spa treatments to keep her skins supple. The original sheen does diminish, but the beauty of the bag does not. I prefer the way it looks now because the bag is less stiff (although not in the least slouchy) and more "old money."

    BTW, Claude at Hermes Madison says that the skins are not glazed but are polished with stones.
  5. I was also told (by craftman in NY, my SA and store manager in my store) once sheen is gone, you can NOT do anything about it.

    If you want to buy a used bag, and expect that shiny-shine from brand new bag, you will be disappointed.

    My cousin bought a used croc. Birkin after seeing my mom's and my new croc. Birkins, she was so disappointed that it was not sparkly shiny...Even used croc. Birkin is still expensive, and of course, she bought under the condition 'all sales are final'. She literally cried.

    Can you see the bag in person before you buy it to make a decision?
  6. jenyi,

    Crocodile sheen is the result of buffing with stones to obtain the smooth shine. For the matte finish, a felt cloth is used. It's a delicate skin.
  7. I guess just think of it as a sort of patina as it doesen't really reduce the quality of the item and it doesen't really make it uglier...
  8. I agree! It does not reduce the quality at all! But if someone has expectation of sparkles when they open up the orange box, used bag could be disppointment.

    Patina can give antique look, which is classy and wonderful as well...:yes:
  9. Some people have gone to get them reglazed at non-Hermes sources. I've seen decent results with this, but keep in mind Hermes may not touch it.
  10. I'm so glad you posted this question! I may be in the minority but I have a croc kelly that I purchased from the boutique and I can't wait for the shine to die down. I really don't like it so shiny, but love the way a vintage, loved, skin looks. I have been patiently waiting and using it as much as I can so it will lose it's "new" look. Can anyone venture a guess as to how long it will take? It still squeaks when I open it!

    Sorry if this sounds strange:confused1:. I felt better buying a new bag and breaking it in myself than going the vintage route, especially since I was after p/h.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  11. I wonder how you might be able to advance the croc "patina" if you prefer the less shiny look???
  12. dharma, touching it helps to take the sheen off. It took a year for mine to get the "old money" look.
  13. I'm putting my hand up here! I like the shine but my bag being new is SO shiny! makes me shy
  14. My vintage croc Pullman (1959) was a bit dull when I bought it, so I sent it to the spa, and came back much shinier...I think they just cleaned it , but I have no way of knowing how it looked when new, maybe it was shinier still...:shrugs: Anyway, for being almost 50 years old, I think the shine is pretty good!
  15. The SAs say that what it is.....isn't a glaze but, rather, a polish....rubbed with stones, if you will...... a process before the bag is made.

    I am trying to figure out how they could do this after the fact ( after the bag is made and some years later ) and I don't think they could.

    Once the shine wears's gone, has been the information I received.