Do credit cards fit inside the cles??

  1. TIA..I really want one!!
  2. Yep! They're perfect for credit cards!
  3. Thank you elle!!
  4. I've got one and they can hold a lot of cards !!
  5. :yes:
  6. Yes! IMO the MC, CB and the Vernis ones are a tighter fit due to the vachetta trim but the monogram (any), mini lin and charms are perfect.
  7. Absolutely! I have the mono, groom and perfo. The perfo is a little bigger and has wiggle room for your cards....
  8. i agree with lvbabydoll, the MC and ones with that leather trim aroudn the edge are smaller, i have the black MC one and it's a tight fit getting cards in and out, as opposed to my damier one that was easy and even fit my ipod nano!
  9. I love my azur one!
  10. Yup...the Mini lin, Damier, Mono, Perfo, should have no problem stuffing 10+ cards in there.

    I have a HARD time putting ANY CC's in my CB cles...I'm sure the same goes for Vernis and MC too.
  11. yes yes yes
  12. Perfo Cles defin hold the most compare w/others.
  13. Yup yup... so which are you going to get? :nuts:
  14. yes, i have all mine in my perfo with coins and notes. planning to get another one, they are so cute.
  15. Yes, I have the epi and mono perfo cles. The mono perfo is larger, but I have about six-eight cards in my epi cles.