Do cosmetic SAs get comission?

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  1. I'm confused I was at different shiseido counters and some made it seem like they get comission and others seem like they don't.

    Which one is right? :smile:
  2. I'm pretty sure most of them work on commission:yes:
  3. I don't know about shiseido, chanel does, because my sa was trying to talk me into working part time for them. They get commision plus huge, and I mean huge discounts.
  4. Good question! I've wondered about that too! I *think* for my SAs, one does work on commission and the other doesn't (or at least that's the impression I got, I never asked outright), but maybe it also depends on the store?
  5. Wow... I'd love discounts at Chanel! LOL does that only apply to cosmetics or their handbags too?
  6. This was at the cosmetics counter, don't know about
  7. all Macy's cosmetics SA's get commission regardless of what line you're working for.
  8. except MAC - they get a nice hourly raise. When I applied the hourly wage was $14-15 per hour.
  9. I work for Clarins at Macy's and yes, I get commission. All cosmetic SA's get commission.:yes:
  10. yeah...i actually asked one of the sa of shiseido whether she gets comission (i told her that i'll make sure i buy from her) but she said she doesn't...but then I called another shiseido sa because she did a test makeup on me and i wanted to buy the color but I was at the other store...and she was (kind of rude) why don't u come here...because i get the credit...and she seemed to not understand that i happened to be shopping at another store....:smile:

    sorry didn't mean to babble...
  11. I believe all cosmetic SAs in Nordstorm receive comission too.
  12. Yes, they all get comission! Nights, weekends & around the holidays are the best times! My mother worked as a SA for Estee Lauder & bunch of others! The comission can be great!
  13. I used to work for Clinique at what is now Macy's. I was paid an hourly wage and 3% for all Clinique I sold. I also received 2% for all other cosmetic lines I sold.

    The best part, though, was the free product that we had to order every quarter. If I remember correctly...I had to order $400/quarter.
  14. wow! i would love that lol
  15. I've been in this industry.....When you actually are an SA at the counter in a dept. store yes you get comission, however there are many makeup artists either resident, freelance, etc., that may work at a counter regularly and sell product but work for a different pay (usually paid directly by the makeup company) and they do not get comission. I've done both, I've been an SA and a Counter Manager for various cosmetic companies in a Federated Department Store. I've also been a freelance artist for Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Chanel, Estee Lauder, they would pay me a higher rate with no comission, with Laura Mercier I worked regularly at Henri Bendels for a while so it may have appeared that I was a regular SA but I was I still do this on the side a bit and travel around to different stores....Oh I was offered a position with Mac and their SA's don't work off comission but you do have sales goals......actually you continue to have sales goals regardless of comission or not......