Do COH jeans run small?

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  1. I'm normally a 6 and usually I'd buy a 28 in 7FAM. I found a pair of 29 COH that I really like (online). Do you think they'll be really big? (I've never tried on any COH before).

  2. All of my COH jean fit true to size when I first get them but they end up stretching out with wear I also wear a 28 and the two pair of 29s that I got I had to get taken in at the waist
  3. So would you get them or pass? I carry extra weight in my stomach, so if the waist is a bit big, that is fine. But, I don't want them to be almost baggy in my legs!
  4. Hmmm I personally wouldn't get them without trying them on unless it was a really really good deal. One of my jeans I had to wash a few times :yucky: just so they wouldn't look baggy
  5. I also have a question similar to this! if anyone reading this could help? I am a size 0 short - 1 short in hollister jeans (size 00 or 0 in abercrombie jeans) what size would be good for me to purchase in Citizens of Humanity jeans?

    to be honest i don't really understand the sizing of designer jeans... could someone maybe also explain this?? THANK you :smile:
  6. The sizes are waist measurements in inches starting at 23/24 and ending at 32 usually. I'd say you are a 24 in COH.
  7. thank youu very much :smile:)
  8. COH with stretch fit TTS, but rigid (100% cotton) run small. I bought a pair of 100% cotton in my regular size, and they are a struggle to zip up!
  9. I definitely think they run small...I am normally a 6-8 in like J.Crew/Abercrombie and a 29 in jeans (occasionally a 30) and I had to size up to a 31 in two Citizens styles (Faye, Dunaway). I think it depends on the cut - in the Kelly bootcut I have a 30, which is still 1 size larger than normal for me.

    My sister too had this issue - she has the Ingrid flare and while she is normally a 4-6 and 27/28 she had to get a 29 and it was still pretty snug.

    If you are able to try them on I would do it, I have gone to boutiques and tried them on/not purchased and then found better deals on Revolve, Shopbop, etc. It really just depends on the style and materials.

    Good luck!
  10. I think it depends on the cut, but generally I'd say they run TTS or a little small.
  11. Its really True to size. I wear a 26, but can still fit into my 3 y.o. 25's and they're still my favorite jeans. they *would* fit better as a 26 though. And it depends on how you like your jeans to fit. I like mine to fit, perfectly, therefore, a "size up" (27) would probibly be too baggy on me. If you like your jeans a little baggy, then It'd be okay =)
  12. I wear a 25 in both 7FAM and COH and I'd say they run TTS.
  13. Thanks! We only have one boutique here that sells designer jeans, so I'll go there to see if they have any COH to try on. I'll probably just end up getting the 29s. They'll only be $76, so I figure I can't go wrong!
  14. I wear a size 0 in abercrombie jeans,and im a size 25 in COH.
  15. I would say, 24/25. I'm a 1/2 and I can wear 25/26.