Do Coach stores track amount of purchases?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    Do you know if Coach factory stores track your purchases? Do they limit the amount of purchases you can make at one time or over a period of time? I know they have me on file and confirm me when I make a purchase for eBay. I just wonder how long it will take for them to catch on... and how that will affect my eBay selling. :confused1:
  2. I know they track sales, I went to 2 factories on the same evening and spent money at both...the second store made mention of the fact that I had just purchased items at the other factory store.

    I ussually just pay cash, one store asks for my name, the other doesn't. I ussually just tell them I prefer not to give out my info, nor do I want to be on the mailing list.
  3. Have they ever limited your purchases? I was told a long time ago that I couldn't buy more than two of any identical item.
  4. Hmm they haven't limited me, but I know they have. If you search in the regular coach section I know there is a post about it somewhere.
  5. I try not to buy 2 of any of the same item, just in case they question me. I also don't go in there ever week. A friend of mine told me to tell them that I am a mortgage broker or real estate agent and that I buy them as gifts for clients. I haven't had to use that line yet, but it sounds good to me!
  6. ^^^That is good advice....I am running out of family members to buy for:rolleyes:
  7. this is more of a Coach question than an eBay one. . . I'll move to Coach now. . . .
  8. I think you will have more leeway during the Holiday season, but if you make a habit of going in there weekly and buying multiple identical items they will assume you are reselling. If worst comes to worst, use the "I'm the only one of my family members that lives near an outlet so they ask me to buy them things" excuse.
  9. Pay by cash. Don't give them your information. Shop at different Coach Outlets. They are banning ebay sellers as fast as they can figure out you are re-selling.
  10. I've been told that you are limited to 3 identical. Not 3 black purse and then 3 brown of that same purse. It's a total of 3.
  11. They let me buy 3 brown mini skinnies and 3 black mini skinnies (same exact style) at the outlet in Vegas. They told me it's their policy to allow 3. In fact, I was going to buy 5 of the brown (I have three girls and two nieces I was Christmas shopping for) and the sales guy said he could talk to his manager to let it go thru but then I saw the brown and bought 3 of each with no hassles at all.

    I'm sure I'm flagged right now after my outlet shopping last week. I bought so many things. I'm not a reseller either. Like I said, I have three teen girls and I was buying for them and also for their friends for Christmas gifts. Geez, when you can get keyfobs for $10, you stock up!! I also got quite a few mini skinnies and wristlets for gifts. I'm stocked for a while.

    Oh, I also bought 4 pair of Katelyn sneakers (on sale for under $50) at the Caesar's Forum Shops and they didn't say a thing. I got two brown, one black and one white.
  12. 3 per sku was the last I heard - quite some time ago.
  13. When I was being trained in they told me that when someone pays by cash you should still get their information. Unless you tell them you don't want your info in the computer, I suppose that's the only way. I work in the full priced store, so I don't know how the outlets do things.
  14. You will get caught and banned from any coach store in the US!!
  15. And you are....?