Do Coach SA's get commission?

  1. There's a thread in the LV forum saying that LV SA's do NOT get commission. I found this very shocking. - Do Coach SA's get commission?
  2. no commission. but i think they get perks for selling a certain amount sometimes? not sure. but it's not directly related to their pay.
  3. They don't get commission per se - But it must mean something because I am always asked WHO helped me with my purchases. Their sales are definently tracked.
  4. Exactly... and if you leave when thinking about an item, they will give you their card... and say "I'll be here until such & such time". I would have assumed they would get something from helping with a purchase.
  5. My college roommate worked at a Coach store for 3 years and she explained it to me like this. They are not given commission in the sense that their paycheck is based directly on the number of sales they make. But they are under a lot of pressure to meet monthly individual sales goals. The only way to get a raise or move up in the company is to meet and/or exceed your monthly goal. In the first 3 months you work there if you don't meet the goal the set for you they will let you go. So that is why they "track" the sales by asking who helped you. Also that is why they give you their card with the times they work, etc. I hope that helps!
  6. We don't get commision, but our daily/monthly sales are tracked. Also, occasionally we have reward connected directly to sales. For instance, over the holidays, if we sold 200 bags between the 5th and the 24th of Dec, then we received $200 Coach Dollars. Perconally, I like the fact that I'm not in direct competition with the other employees for sales. It creates a less hostile environment both for associates and clients. It's also great to have those customers who continally come back just to have you help them though. It's such a good feeling. :smile:
  7. I just wanted to add to the lovely ladies above answer

    What my manager, well ex since she quitted, is that "we love the bonuses!"

    But that only happens if you work a set of minimal houra, the more you work the more you get with cut offs of course and the higher pay or volume the more you get

    I would also like to add that I've never felt pressure to make my numbers because I do and if not it really wasn't bye! See ya!

    But I would get help and it is fun

    I think, the most important thing for a customer is to be mindful to stick with the sa they felt helped them the most

    And for sas to remember that if they didn't mention your name you probably didn't make an impression

    But at the end of the day it could get catty as the year end bonus is tied to your volume and as well as your review for raise
  8. I couldn't have put it better myself! I'm just starting to get the hang of how all that stuff works :yes:
  9. July is getting closer and closer ladies!!

    Anyways, the other SA's have answered already but I have to say that in the store- this is our number 2 question asked! (after how to clean their bag of course).

    I'm so glad we don't make it! I mean sometimes thinking of % of sales, of course i'd love it! But with our return/repair policy it really doesn't fit in imo! Also it's so much less hostile in the store.
  10. I noticed this is also true for the outlets.
    I was given most of this info. when I had my job interview.
  11. I agree with Sprinkles, I can't imagine being on commission. I like how the store isn't a hostile environment. We all work together and it's great.
  12. My SA, whom I originally ordered PCE stuff from, is out for a couple days and I got weird vibes from the other SA's when I came back in the store to pick up the order. I was asking questions about more items to order and I didn't seem to get the level of service I did from my original SA. I also called another boutique to ask a question. I gave my name and she put me on hold. Then she came back and said "aren't you working w/ so & so at the other boutique". How did she know I was? Do the SA's earn commission or get points for each sale? Are we in the computer w/ all our dirty secrets (the dreaded returns)? I know I'm rambling here, and probably not making sense. Has anyone ever had a similar experience?
  13. be careful asking these questions, it's really not our business how things work for them

    don't be offended if the sa's on here won't give up all of the information, they tell us a lot, but there's a lot they can't say too

    ETA: Sorry, I didn't read this very well
    They do not work on commission and they had no right to be ugly to you. You can buy from whoever you want whenever you want. The girl I've dealt with before wasn't at the store today so I dealt with a guy, they didn't seem to care too much. Don't let them pull that crap.
  14. I'm sorry, but I think it's wrong for a SA to make a customer feel "awkward" about ordering from someone else.
    You are a customer of Coach, not of the salesperson. If the SA leaves, you will still be a customer of Coach, not follow them to wherever they go. Did that make sense?
    In my humble opinion, these bags and accessories are very expensive and any SA should happily help you, not question who you "belong to".:rolleyes:
  15. I've said it in other posts, but it's against the companys integrity to discuss any goals/such.

    However we do not make commission and just like any other stores we do have goals and such but I can't discuss those any further.

    Also, A lot of stores are very close! Some SA's work at mulitiple stores or have close friends who work at others stores and sometimes they know whats going on/who customers prefer to shop with etc.