Do Coach SA's do this to you too?

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  1. every time I walk into a Coach store with a coach bag every SA tells me they love it and begs to wait on me. Do they work for commission? I had to place an 200$ order today and other SA's were yelling across the store " do they have that in stock" yada yada....

    If they do work on commission I have my own SA who I will shop from, but I assumed they didn't.
  2. No, I don't believe they do. But I'm not 100% sure of this.
  3. I'm not sure if they are commissioned but this happens to me all the time too. They do that in a non-intimidating way but I don't liked to be followed around. :suspiciou It also depends on the store too, some of them just leaves me alone but are generally very nice when I do need assistance.
  4. We wemt into one today, and you know the store is small and we got asked for help from 5 different SA's.

    A bit of a funny, I ordered 2 ID Lanyards, one for myself and one for DB. And also a daisy 172$

    When we walked out DB was like did she say 172$!!!!! he he I said no honey, 72$ white lies are good sometimes... At least he will be stylin at work with his Coach ID Lanyard,
  5. I think they do work on commission. When I was shopping there after-thanksgiving (WORSE shopping day ever!) the cashier was saying something along the lines of "oh yea I dont mind working here all day, I get the credit!"
  6. Maybe they have sales targets to meet, taht aren't commissioned. Just so they look good for their performance reviews?
  7. I always get the best service in the coach store by my house. I think they just teach there people about customer service. anyway it helps if there on comm. to be nice to people
  8. I've heard that competition in Coach stores is pretty fierce, and you're encouraged to sell beyond that sales target.

    I personally don't really like the Coach stores all that much, since I can't stand the whole following around. And a SA was rude to me for no good reason, so that's it for buying stuff at the actual store.
  9. i've gotten the impression that they're not commissioned in the classic sense of the word, but they get commission for certain things. when i got my mini skinny (the last thing i bought at coach), i was also thinking of getting a cosmetic pouch to carry my little stuff around in my school tote, but i said i'd come back for it if i wanted it and she said "well, if you're thinking about getting it...why don't you get it now so i can have credit for a two-item sale?" needless to say, i didn't get it, i didn't go back and get it, and i haven't bought anything since. an SA's sales record is not a good reason for me to spend money on ANYTHING.
  10. I'm not sure if they are commissioned but i walked into to store once and was looking at their wristlets (just browsing causally) and like 3 sales ppl came up to me at different times within like 5 minutes asking if i wanted to see anything or wanted help. sometimes it just gets frustrating!
  11. They are very clingy. In every Coach store I have ever been to. It gets a bit annoying.

    But I came up with a solution: put on my iPod and turn up the volume.
  12. i can't remember if they are commissioned but i do know that every store has a daly $ amount they have to make which is devided by the # of sa's they have that day. the sa's get performance evaluations on %$ of sales as well as multiples. for some stores this may determine if the sa stays aboard or must leave the company.

    when i find a heplful, honest sa at a store, i usually try to only deal with that sa on future purchases. i also do write a nice letter to the company if the service was exceptional.;)
  13. No they don not work on commission. I have always found them helpful and more than pleasant. Its too bad that all of our shopping experiences can't what we think they should be!
  14. Coach SA's have to sell a certain amount of bags day, or they get a warning. If they get enough of warnings, they will get fired. That's what some girl I know, who works there told me! :smile: They're just doing their job!
  15. I like the outlets, there's always people so I don't get hounded. The Coach stores I always go to has lots of people so no one follows me around or anything.