Do Coach outlets usually carry....?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am IN LOVE with the small Coach hobo bag, and am heading down to the Coach outlet soon...I was wondering if they usually have that style in stock. I know the outlets ALWAYS have certain types of bags, no matter the season. I was wondering if the hobo was one of those "always available at the outlet" bags.

    Also, what's the average outlet price of their small wallets?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. I always see the small hobo at the outlet here.

    Not sure of the price on the wallets.

    Enjoy your shopping trip!
  3. Wallets - long ones about $110 and up, French wallets arount $90 and up - on the cheaper end of the price scale.
  4. Thanks!!!

    It's good to know that the hobo's are always in stock...LOVE that style!
  5. I don't think I have seen it every time I have been to an outlet. I would call the outlet 2 days before you go and have them hold the bag your interested in. That way you don't go and find that they don't have any in the color that you want. They will hold for 48 hours. :yes:

    And as for wallets, sometimes you can get crazy deals on them. My mom bought an hamptons leather wallet for $47! It was the only one on clearance and it was weird because they had smaller multipurpose fabric wallets that were way more expensive than my mom's larger leather one. I have looked for wallets like that at the outlets on later trips, and never found one again that was such a good deal. My mother got lucky, so maybe you will too! ;)
  6. I bought my small denim wallet for about 55-60 dollars so less expensive ones do show up from time to time.
  7. ^^ Ahh that's good. I think the only thing I can do is hope for good luck when I actually go. The good thing is, everytime I've been to a Coach outlet, I've seen a bag that I liked, so even if it's not the hobo, hopefully I can walk out with that new bag I've been desperately needing! [Only my SECOND designer bag...can you believe it?]
  8. good luck let us know
  9. signature outlets usually always have them if ur going to a signature outlet then they should have them there!
  10. I travel a lot and my hubby and I like to stop in outlets.
    I think its sort of hit or miss as far as inventory and price. I drove from LA to Vegas and stopped in acouple of coach outlets and while they had some of the same merchandise it seems like the different ones do get some different things. I don't always see hobo bags but there are always accessories that seem to be "marked down". Price varies depending upon what you want. The seasonal colors tend to be cheeper and you can get a wallet as cheep as 69.00. If you are looking for black there is aways a variety but unless its a discontinued style I always feel like there isn't that much of a discount.