Do Coach outlets ship?

  1. I was wondering if any of the coach outlets ship out for phone orders?

    of so which ones?
  2. you have to pay full price you don't the discount
  3. thats what i thought as well.
  4. Yes they will do a charge send BUT only from one outlet to another. So...let's say that the outlet close to you doesn't have the item you want but one that is further away have to go into the outlet closest to you IN PERSON (not over the phone) and give them your credit card. They will then contact the other outlet with your information and the outlet with the merchandise will ship to your home. HOWEVER, I see that you are in Canada, like I am, so they actually will not ship to your home from the outlet. You will need to go in and pick it up from the closest after it has been sent for you. Also if you order over the phone and want the item shipped to you, you have to pay full price for the item, not the outlet price.