Do Coach Factory (Outlet) Stores Sell Used Bags???

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  1. I was told by a Coach SA that if I find Legacy bags in the outlet, it probably means they were USED and returned!! :wtf: I was not happy to hear that. I didn't think I would ever be sold a used bag by Coach. Not intentionally anyway. Did anyone else ever hear this? Any opinions on this topic?
  2. the ones at the outlet may be very very very slightly used. I always think they just look they have been handled a lot, not necessarily used.

    it's not like you're going to find an old disgusting bag there

    also, every once in a while you might find one with a stain or a tear that is 'final sale' and it will be super cheap.

    hope this helps!!! :yes:
  3. That doesn't make scense since Coach doesn't let you return used bags unless they are damaged, and why wuould they sell a damaged bag??
  4. LMAO!!

    Not laughing at you, but at the SA.:rolleyes:

    No, they arent any more used then something returned to a boutique.
  5. The SA was wrong. Some of the Legacy Bags were sent to the outlets.
  6. I shop at a Coach outlet quite frequently and have never seen a used bag. I would think they would want to keep their standards higher than selling used's their reputation to be sell quality handbags.
  7. It depends on the outlet and how lenient the manager is. Sometimes at my old outlet we'd have someone come in with a bag that didn't have the tags on, but that was very clearly not worn or whatever, and we've taken one back. Quite often though, the "used" bags aren't used, they're just customer returns with the tags still attached. So I guess it depends on your definition of used.
  8. Ok, what everyone has said is what I thought. Bags might come back without tags or had handling wear from being out on the floor. MAYBE someone wore it for a day and decided it was too heavy. I couldn't imagine them taking back a bag that had been obviously USED and sending it off to the outlet. I wonder why that SA said that to me? The subject came up when she commented on my whiskey Ali. She asked me how long I had it and I told her I recently purchased it at the outlet. She kind of smirked and made her "used bags" remark. I was with a friend who was looking for a bag at a Coach boutique I don't usually shop at. Probably won't go there again anytime soon!
  9. wow i always wondered about how some special bags made it to the outlet....
  10. There was a bin at gilroy near the clearance stuff that says final sales. The problems on them may be a broken zipper or just say "shop worn" I assume some of these have been used. Its possible that a few of the returns at the outlets have been used. Some people have suggested on the pf that they don't see anything wrong with returning something after using it for a short time. I would just check stuff thoroughly in the clearance section. For instance if there are a ton of pebbled leather and suede totes in the clearance but only one Carly, I would guess that the Carly was a return and examine it closely. But overall most of the stuff I see at the outlet has looked brand new, never used.
  11. Did she say it in a snarky way? That's how it sounds by your description. I would totally complain about her. Imho that type of attitude is inappropriate and I doubt Coach would be thrilled that their SA's act that way. I would be annoyed if it were me.
  12. What a biatch! That's not cool that she tried to belittle you.:Push: She should have said something like, "Good for you for finding such a great deal on an awesome bag" I can't stand it when salepeople act "uppity." :confused1: I hope your friend didn't buy anything?
    :back2topic: I shop at the outlets all the time and there are always bags that "came down from Coach retail." They are the ones I prefer b/c the brown dustbag is usually still inside. They are not "used" but I would think are the ones that are cleared out of the retail full price stores to make room for new releases. I haven't bought one yet that was less than "perfect.":yes:

  13. It was a strange response I got from her. Not quite snarky but it almost felt like some how my Ali was diminished in her eyes because it was purchased at the outlet. I think in her mind she was imparting some useful information but I can't imagine Coach liking her attitude.
  14. There are women who buy whole outfits for a special occasion and then return everything! You have seen the listings on ebay where bags are declared as store returns, flaws noted and the starting bid is .99 sense! Nordstroms is notorious for refunding for used merchandise. I beg to differ, some of those bags are used. Coach's policy is clearly stated returns are easy "unused of course" the only problem with that is the "human" factor . . . buyers lie, and SA's/managers are forgiving. I hate getting a bag off of ebay NWT with a bullet obvious scuff marks, gouged leather, etc., I think that stuff in the FS bin should be destroyed.

    You also see those listings where the seller states "hand picked by me" what is that suppose to mean? . . .
  15. In regards to an SA's attitude . . . there is "status" thing going on between Corp, boutique and outlet Coach employees . . . marketing always thinks their better than designers etc. . . the bottom line for all of them is to maintain brand loyalty. Wherever you buy their product from doesn't matter. It's a Coach product.