Do Coach charms ever go on sale?

  1. I was at the coach store the other day for boxing week shopping, and while a lot of the wristlets and agendas were on sale, the charms were not. Anyone know? Usually when things go on sale it should be on boxing week. :confused1: I am interested in the taurus charm and a G charm. :nuts:
  2. i thought the charms were on sale!

    anything at the outlet is "sale" maybe not a lot, but everything is marked down, even if a little, otherwise it'll still be at a full price store.
  3. old charms were on sale a bit back..maybe 2 months or so..?

    if not..try the outlets!! i've gotten some charms in the past from outlets..but if u're looking for the alphabet ones like u've mentioned in the other sub-forum..then they might not be at the outlets yet..
  4. They had initial & smiley charms at the outlet stores.
  5. You can find charms on sale at any of the Coach outlets.
  6. since when has coach had sales on boxing day?

    charms are like 16 bucks in outlets.
  7. ...since when has coach ever had sales, period? am i missing something important?
  8. ^ I must be missing something too. The only "sales" I know of are at the outlets, not at the full priced stores. Last time I went to the outlets they had the old flower, Initial, Clover, & smiley charms for $19.99.
  9. The Coach store in Toronto has sales since they are a "sell through" store and when things normally would leave the full price stores, they get marked down in canadian stores.
  10. I saw a few charms and keychains for sale at the Sawgrass Mills Coach outlet on Friday. They had a lot of letter charms, a smiley face and a moon, and a few super cute keychains.
  11. There were charms on sale at the Lancaster, PA outlet today- 19.11 w/an additional 20% off. They had the old letter charms, some smiley face ones and some of the scribble flowers from last spring (I think).
  12. I've been lucky enough to go into a Coach store this past autumn and they were having a 20% off sale (not a PCE event). Considered myself very lucky and bought a bag, even though I wasn't planning to! How could I not? LOL!
  13. i seem to recall the coach store here having a sale on shoes, but that's it...and it's only that store. oh well.
  14. I don't live near any coach outlet. Are there any in Canada? :confused1:
  15. Yes, they do go on sale. Check out outlets.