Do classic CL go on sale at major department stores? When?

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in buying essentially my first CL. Actually I bought three different styles online that didn't work for me because they didn't have them instore so I couldn't try first. I want to start with something classic and black. After some research and educating myself about the styles, material etc I decided on the decollette 100 mm. I am about to place an order but I have a question. When do department stores like Saks, Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman have sales and do they include classic black shoes too? I would hate it if I bought them then in a couple of weeks/month they went on sale. Most sizes are available in the website so no immediate risk of selling out. Buy now or wait?
  2. I have never seen the black patent Decollete on sale anywhere. Classics do not usually go on sale at any of the retailers or boutiques. Sales at the boutiques are usually in June and December. You're safe to get it now.
  3. Agreed with LavenderIce. The only black shoe I've ever seen on sale was a satin peep toe, and it was in the boutique, not at a department store. That was my first CL, and I've never seen it on sale. I have, however, seen it sell out. Good luck!
  4. I know that some department stores have promotions such as $100 off or $200 a certain purchase amount. I would look into buying the shoes during these promotions since then all shoes, classics included, are on "sale".
  5. The ladies here are right for the most part...buuut, every now and again, you can come across classics on sale. I've gotten a couple of pair of black classics on sale. The Yolanda in black patent. Yoursa in black suede. Elisa in black kid. The Yolanda I found online at a boutique. One of the ones recommended here...Roan shop. The other two pairs I got at my local Saks. Consequently, I haven't seen either of the three pairs being sold at the Louboutin boutique or on the website so that may have had something to do with them being on sale.

    With all that said, the likelihood of finding such on sale is not great. Waiting, in hope of a sale is going to hit or miss, and mainly miss. Perhaps, you may want to build a rapport with a sales person or two. Let them know that you're interested in classics during sale season. Good SAs will let you know about new stock, sales list, will "hold" shoes for you, etc. It may sound strange but try to establish a relationship with a few across the country. Some stores may have one pair of a shoe and put them on sale during the sale season just to get rid of them, especially if it's a shoe they no longer carry. I could have been a return.

    Last, visit the thread about online boutiques and stores. Then peruse those website. Again, try to connect with a SA. Call them. Ask to be added to their email distribution list. Let them know what your looking for. A few of those shops will put classics on sale, and in my opinion quicker and more consistently than major retailers.

    Lastly, keep a look out for the sale threads. Visit them each season, and post a request for Intel. Let us know what you're looking for. Be vague (anything in black or nude) or as specific as you want (So Kate in black or Nude...just an example). You never know what may turn up. Be prepared for people to say basics/classics never go on sale. Let them know you know it's a long shot but you're hoping for the best. Again, you never know what may turn up. If you look at precious sales threads, a few have gotten classics during those seasons sales.

    Hope my two cents helps!
  6. lol, looks like the website name is blocked. It's ***********.