Do city bags go on sale???

  1. This might be a dumb question, sorry if it is..but do the Balenciaga city bags ever go on sale (like 50% off, etc). If so, how often and what stores???
    Thanks guys:okay:
  2. I don't think that they ever go that much on sale.
  3. Thanks VB...if that is the is understandable......the bags are absolutely beautiful and timeless... I think they will always be in demand...;)
  4. I think most Cities don't make it to the sales – they are usually sold before then.
  5. They do in the UK. We have sales twice a year. End of June and then 26/27th of December. Most designer bags/shoes go on sale at this time, including Balenciaga.:smile: They are marked down 30-50%.
  6. ^^ yup siri is correct. I got my Anthra city at 30% off at the end of june.
  7. Mental note: Go to UK at the end of June. Wow, we US women (my apologies ICB), get rooked!
  8. ^ so true, xmas just gone, I wasnt into Bal and there was a first in caramel i think for £250! Kicking myself now!
  9. moving to shopping :yes:
  10. :wtf: OMG that's a great price.. We don't get anything like that here in Canada, plus there's that painful 14% tax.
  11. anyone know if any dept store like Barneys, nm or city bag or first bag on sale right now??
  12. Do they normally have anything left around September? My friend will be going to London around then.
  13. I doubt it ... although high street stores take any excuse for a sale, the high end department stores stick to the 2 traditional sales that siri anne mentions. And they don't usually keep their sale stock out beyond the final week - no idea where it goes, but I think they store it until the next sale time!

    I'm sure if any of us hear of sales in September we'll let you know :smile: Oh and you could get your friendy to try Koh Samui in Covent Garden in case they have different 'rules'!