Do Choos have unique serial numbers?

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  1. I bought an "electric blue" mahala on eBay, item 120523270043, and the seller sent me a "midnight blue" Liquid Patent mahala. I complained to the seller that she sent me the wrong bag. She says it is the same bag as in the pic, and the flash caused the blue to look lighter in the photo. LOL!! Anyway, apparently, she does not know the difference between calfskin and patent, and I prefer the calfskin. I told her I wanted to return it for a refund, and she wants the serial number so she can call JC to make sure it is "patent" leather. The only number I see looks kinda generic: 000JCC. Is this the serial number? If so, is it unique to only this bag? Or do other bags have this same number? Thanks for your help!
  2. Is this woman on Drugs :shocked:
    There is not even a question about calf leather vs patent leather. If the bag is from the last 2 years, it might have a serial number on the tag (they started doing this in the last couple of years), but I doubt JC will be able to tell them whether the bag is patent vs calf.

    I've inserted a photo of the tag, but I doubt they will be able to tell from this number.

    Here is the leather on the bag I think you probably got....

    Good luck, but if she still gives you problems, then file a Paypal claim and show them photos of what you received vs what was listed and you should have no troubles!!!

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  3. Is the number on your LP (which is gorgeous by the way) the same or similar to 000JCC? I think the number is an authenticity thing and probably more than one bag has this same number because it is so generic.

    The one she sent me is identical to your LP, but mine is nearly black-colored suede and a dark blue patent. It is gorgeous too, I just really wanted calfskin. The funny thing is, she is irritated with me thinking there is a difference between calfskin and LP! I'll file a Paypal claim if she can't figure out that she sent me the wrong bag. Thanks Robyn :biggrin:
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    I called JC and the SA could not identify the bag by that authenticity number. She took my name and email and told me a "designer" would get in touch with me to answer my questions about the number. I'll update when I know more.
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    I had almost the same thing happen to me. I bought what was advertised as an electric blue maddy and it actually was cobalt. The seller insisted she bought it in 2007! She kept insisting it is electric I can see maybe how the cobalt might be confused, but LP???? I left her neutral feedback. She then told me she was confused by my feedback, that the bag is obviously e-blue. She was using stock pics of an e-blue, so of course the bag in the auction looks like it!!!! least it is authentic.
    What the heck is wrong with these lying people...oh by the way, that is the same stolen stock picture that my seller used!!! Are they using an ebay picture?
    Mine has the tag as well and the number on it is 002JRJ.
  6. The serial number tag was from one of my other bags, but I had already taken a photo of it for a previous listing. The Patent bag was from our reference library and was using it to show which bag I thought she probably sent you.

    Good luck, I am sure you should have no trouble getting your money back. Just be sure to save copies of all your correspondence!
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    A few bits of information. There are 4 Mahala/Maddy releases that were bright blue.

    Electric Blue Calf = Spring/Summer 2007

    Neon Blue Liquid Patent = Resort 2007/2008

    Midnight Blue Liquid Patent = Autumn/Winter 2008

    Cobalt Blue Calf = Resort 2008/2009

    Regarding authenticity numbers and their accompanying plastic authenticity card....
    Beginning in Fall 2008, Jimmy Choo began phasing in an authentication system. Each Choo bag/accessory has a numbered hologram patch fused to the inside. An accompanying plastic credit card sized authenticity card will have the same number. This card should be supplied with the item. Make sure they match!

    Therefore...of the four colors, only the Cobalt blue, and Midnight Blue Patent bags would have the authenticity tag. And depending on the timing, not all may have included it. The authenticity phase in was a little slow. I have The Midnight Blue Patent and it does NOT have the authenticity tag.

    Cobalt and Electric Blue Calf bags are easy to tell apart. Electric Blue is brighter, more like sky blue. Plus the suede on the Electric Blue is lighter than the Cobalt suede.

    Now robynbenz is correct, and as anyone can see...there is no way to confuse the Neon Blue Liquid Patent, Midnight Blue Liquid Patent and Electric Blue Calf. Patent leather and Calf are completely different. Please point the seller to this post. She had the name wrong, and should honor the return. If not I recommend you file a SNAD claim.
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    Follow-up: I went to the auction page and did a screen capture of the one and only picture shown. Have other pictures been removed? Here is the auction is obviously a picture of a Calf bag. The logo plate and suede are far too dark for Electric Blue, but the straps are light enough to be Electric Blue. I think that is a lousy auction picture it could go either way.

    Please post pictures of the bag you received in this thread, thank you.


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  9. I tried to upload some pics, but apparently my pics exceed the size to upload to this forum. Do you know how I can reduce the pic size? Thanks so much for everyone's advice and help!!!
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    I finally figured out how to reduce the size. Here are some pics of the bag the seller sent me:

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  12. Do you think there is anyway the seller could believe the bag in her listing is the same one she sent me? I just don't see how.

    Here's one more pic:

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    Here is the most recent email from the seller:

    "Dear etcetera101,

    You know what I called them too, and got the info I needed, it is a calskin leather bag, Iam surprised they didnt tell you when you called? I knew it wasnt an all patent leather bag, If your that unhappy with your purchase your going to have to take this up with ebay, Iam not refunding any money back, the bag is an authenic jimmy choo bag and you seemed to have done your research after the fact, so now that I spoke with them today, I know for sure what the deal is, I would apprciate that you do contact ebay..

    - livinglife14"

    Unbelieveable! What is wrong with this seller?!? She sells me calfskin leather and sends me liquid patent leather and won't admit it! And, it is a different color than pictured in the listing! I was really hoping the seller would admit her mistake. Now what? File a claim?
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    Yep. I would definately file it if you do not want this bag. This is not the same bag as pictured in her listing...not even close! This is the midnight blue, not the brighter blue from robynbenz'spicture. Ebay will side with you, just file a snad. Even if you decide to keep it I would not leave a positive feedback! Was that the only pictue posted with the listing? Yikes, you are lucky you even got an authentic bag! But if is not a bag you want, that is a different story.
  15. Yes, that was the only picture in the listing, so I emailed her for verification of authenticity. Through a series of emails, I came to trust her that it was authentic. But agreed, I was lucky. Too bad I didn't have the foresight to ask if the bag she was going to send me was the same as in her listing! LOL! It is a gorgeous bag, I just don't care for the patent leather. Instead of filing a claim (which I hate to do), should I just try to sell it on eBay? Do you think I could get my money back by selling it? I know things are kinda slow right now, and it is a fall/winter bag.