do chloe bays get scratched easily?

  1. So, I got my first bay today at the Chloe sale in NY (in blue) and it seems that the leather is going to get scratched easily. Can anyone with a bay tell me if that's the case? Thanks!
  2. Hi I read about how you purchased this bag on Deals and Steals. I know you're having some buyers remorse but you really did get a nice price on this new purse. Can we see pictures? I've never seen a light blue Bay?

    If you treat your Bay with Apple conditioner, scratches and dirt will not be a big issue. I Hope this helps?
  3. sure - will post pics sometime tonight! I'm def. having buyers remorse :smile:

  4. I'm sorry you feel this way. Having buyers remorse can be very stressful. What's bugging you the price? Impulse buy? You really don't like the bag? The quilted bay is pretty popular and you've picked up a fun color. Does it work for with your coloring?
  5. mich - realize that this leather is probably what they call s "pull up" type where it is designed to show scratches and other colors showing through. When you stick your finger under a piece of leather and pull up does it stretch and show a lighter color? And does it take a while to go back down? Some people like this effect for a tumbled sort of look.
  6. I have a Bay messenger in Moka, and the thin leather is more easily scratched than my Paddy, but it doesn't seem to show up. Hard to explain but sometimes I think I've scratched my bag while out, but then when I get home it's disappeared.
  7. ^That's why I think it is that "pull up" leather - it is designed to be 'scratched' and then the scratches go away and other ones come and on and on. it is a sort of weathered look.