Do Chloe bags from Bluefly come WITHOUT hang-tags?

  1. I finally got my Bay Messenger from Bluefly two days ago.....and it's absolutely perfect!!!! I love it!!! :yahoo: didn't come with any Chloe hang-tags or care-cards. Is this normal? :confused1: I emailed Bluefly yesterday and got this response:

    Bluefly guarantees the authenticity of products available on our site. We
    maintain stringent control over our supply chain to ensure that our valued
    customers receive genuine designer fashions. Bluefly stands behind its

    I have no question over its authenticity. It checks out well against my Bay tote, also in Moka. But I just wanted the hang-tags and care-cards. :sweatdrop:
  2. Did you doublecheck all the pockets on the bag? I got my Dior gaucho from Blue Fly and it didn't have any tags and then I found them in a side pocket tucked in.
  3. Yep, certainly checked all pockets straight away and scoured the box it came in. ;)

    I was kind of unimpressed with Bluefly's packaging. It came in a plastic bag (inside the shipping box) and the dust bag was folded inside the bag. The dustbag didn't have the string in it, just folded up inside the dustbag. :sad:

    And there wasn't any tissue paper protecting the inside or outside of my bag. I'm surprised it wasn't damaged after taking two and half weeks to get to me via DHL's so-called "express" service. :rolleyes:
  4. I agree on the packaging - my bag was wrapped in plastic and not in the dust cover. The dust cover was inside the bag.
  5. Wow, I'm surprised about the packaging esp. on such an expensive product, you'd think they would treat it with more care. I recently ordered from NAP and they wrapped my stuff beautifully. One bag I ordered was stuffed with a bit of tissue, wrapped on the outside with tissue, placed in its own dustbag, then placed into a Net-a-Porter dustbag, and then wrapped in some more tissue. I also ordered a Chloe wallet from them which was placed in the Chloe dustbag inside the Chloe box which was wrapped in tissue paper and placed into a Net-a-Porter dustbag which was then nestled into a tissue-padded Net-a-Porter box which was wrapped with a ribbon. I was surprised at how much care was put into packaging the product carefully. (And I even bought these items at a deep discount!) All my tags and cards were intact and included as well. With that kind of service and care, I will certainly not hesitate ordering from them again.
  6. hmm its bad that they did not send them imo, as if you ever get bored and want to sell it on, this will make it harder, but keep your receipt so that you have proof of where you got your bag.

    Would love to see piccies of your new baby please ;)
  7. I've bought a paddy from Bluefly and it came with tags. I'd call and ask customer service about it.
  8. I've emailed them twice and they seem rather vague about it. The second response was:

    We appreciate your response and we will definitely look into this matter for
    you, for future preferences.


    I agree with Pandabear about NAP packaging. I got my Paddy from them in May and it was beautifully wrapped, and stuffed with tissue paper. Same with a purchase from Diabro.

    At least I totally adore the bag. :tup:
  9. I think the [lack of attention to] packaging helps them keep costs down and bag prices lower.

    I am glad to hear you love your bag and that it's authentic :yes:

    It would surprise me if they were able to find the tags for you though.
  10. Oooh, HM. I was expecting to see your *beauty* from bluefly when I saw your name next to this thread. ;)

    It doesn't sound like they're even trying to find Nelstar her tags. They're going to use her complaints for future reference...
  11. LOL, as much as I would never give my business to Bluefly again, it does seem like they are now selling authentic merchandise, hopefully through the lessons learned at the expense of those of that were early (and vocal) victims. :tup:
  12. hmwe46 your "experiences" with Bluefly definitely made me wary of them for a while. But when this Bay messenger came up at a great price (US$880) I decided to give it a chance.

    I think I'd only order from them again if I was absolutely desperate, and it was the only place that had it.
  13. The Edith I bought from Bluefly had the hangtag, but I don't remember if it had a care card or not.
  14. What I'd guess happened is that someone returned the bag to Bluefly sans tag and care card, or perhaps the tag and care card did not get transferred during the overstock process from the original seller.

    Bluefly probably only cares about whether or not their flimsy Tyvek tag is missing from the bag (the one that says that you can't return the bag if the tag is removed) - they probably currently don't check for things like care cards, etc., on returns.

    nelstar, if it help to make you feel *any* better about this, your complaint to Bluefly may convince them that they need to add a step (or steps) to their return inspection process. So although this is very small consolation for you at this time, you may have helped your fellow bag lovers going forward. Kudos to you for speaking up and being persistent on this! :tup:
  15. My Bay Messenger made her first outing today. Very practical and stylish at the same time! :yes: