Do Chanels ever go on sale?

  1. Ladies,

    I have my eye on the small diamond shine in red. I am just wondering if it's worth it to wait to see if it will be on sale. I do know that some designers never go on sale, even at the big after Xmas Neimans' or Sak's sales.
  2. they do go on sale but not often chanel also have a factory outlet but when i went they only had a few bags in stock

    i saw i you really want it buy it :yes:
  3. There will be a sale around the December/January timeframe but no one knows what styles are included until Chanel releases the information to the stores.
  4. The Cambon (in colors besides black) goes on sale.
  5. I have seen the black in black cambon on sale at Bloomingdale's
  6. The diamond shine is very new, is there any chance brand new lines will go on sale? Fortunately I want the red, not the black.
  7. Unfortunately, I doubt it would go on sale anytime soon. Usually, it's discontinued lines that go on sale. And, alot of the lines that do very well seem to sell out. But, you never know. I do think their sale begins in Jan.
  8. Thanks to all for your input. You just confirmed what I knew all along, that it's probably pointless to hope for some justification for a purchase like this, just need to take the plunge! :P
  9. :wtf: :wtf:
  10. How much discounts?
  11. That was my reaction too!

    I think 30%-40% but I don't remember exactly.
  12. ya chanel go on sale. accessories shoes some bags.. but not much, so if you love it get it now.. or if u can risk it see if it will go on sale
  13. take the plunge....go for it!
  14. I have never ever heard of Chanel going on sale, well not in Sydney (Australia) anyway. I would so love that.
  15. Some Chanel goes on sale, but the SA won't know until they get the paper work telling them what is and what isn't on sale. It's never much of a discount and it's usually only 1/3 off. Even then, the place is crazy with customers.

    By the way, I've seen items go on sale and when the sale is over, the item is right back at its regular price. The SA will not mark it down again... because they can't. The Head Office is very intolerant/unforgiving that way.