Do Chanel SA's lie?

  1. Ok, here it goes.

    I called Saks to see if they had ANY Cabas, but they were all sold out however the SA told me I can be on the waiting list so I did that. :smile:

    Then I called Chanel on Rodeo and the SA told me they will not get any cabas, "EVER"! :wtf:

    Then I called Chanel at South Coast Plaza and got on the waiting list there... for the beige Cabas. :graucho:

    So I am confused about why the Chanel at Rodeo will never "EVER" get another Cabas when other establishments will have them for fall. Did the SA at Rodeo lie? :cursing:
  2. Beige?????huh?
  3. I don't think that SAs always lie intentionally. I think thta some places may be getting things that other stores are not or they genuinely didn't think that it was going to be released again.

    I had an SA lie to my face about the durability of lambskin in trying to get me to buy a certain bag, but I don't think it's the same thing. In general, when it comes to things like you mention, some likely just don't know.
  4. Ok, I think the coco cabas is discontinued but there will be some more baby cabas aswell as a new version of the cabas. However i'm not sure if the new cabas is the Brooklyn bag or if it really comes a new version later this fall.
  5. Well, kaki color. One SA told me beige and another SA told me kaki.

    I really wanted either the white of the denim but can't find it.

  6. Half the time the SA's just don't know what they are talking about but I doubt they would intentionally lie. You have to remember that Saks, Neimans, Bergdorfs, and the Chanel boutiques have different buyers and they do not order the same things each season. So while the chanel boutique may not have reordered the baby cabas, Saks may have. The Chanel boutiques tend to carry different merchandise than the department stores. I would call around to every store that sells Chanel : the boutiques, Saks, Neimans, Bergdorfs, Bloomies, Hershleifers, etc and see who is getting the cabas. Also I think the khaki is the cabas that looks bronze. I saw a denim cabas bag last week at Neiman Marcus in Tysons and I know Saks in Chevy Chase had one not too long ago.
  7. I don't believe the Chanel SA's deliberately lie, but I can tell you from my experience that many simply bluff when they don't know the answer. To be honest with you the Chanel boutiques are the only ones that I know who are so misinformed constantly on their stock, I have never experienced this with any other boutique. TAKE NOTE CHANEL!!!!

  8. On a similar type thing- I was in SFA BH the other day with my friend and she wanted to see what the bag my mother in law gave me looks we go into the Chanel boutique & I ask if they have any jersey flaps- one of the SA's starts saying that there is no such thing:wtf:!

    I got a little snippy and then another SA stepped up and said that it was a bag that US stores always carry, but of course they exist!
  9. everyone lies... also, chanel sa's are notoriously ill informed. so even if they are not lying to you, they might be giving you incorrect information. you just have to be persistent and talk to multiple people and try to piece together the story. i always feel like i'm playing detective when i'm looking for a chanel bag... no one seems to know anything and i have to figure out if someone is telling the truth or not!
  10. ^^ so true! its like a mission to find anything! why cant they be more organized for the prices we're paying?
  11. Some SA's are just clueless and some are just lazy. Many times they rather sell what they have in stock instead of spending time and effort to search for you. But in many cases, different stores carry different stocks so if you really want to find a particular bag, its better for you to do your own search.
  12. ^^I agree 100%. All SA in the boutiques have all the resources necessary to find out whether a bag is available or not at their finger tips, but some choose not to utilize them. That is why finding a sales associate that will actually WORK for you is worth your time.
  13. Only when their lips are moving. :roflmfao:

    Just kidding of course....
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