Do Chanel prices increase every year?

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  1. Do Chanel handbag prices increase every year, or if so, how many times/year?

    (also referring to the same styles)

    Do they also sell some of the same styles every year?
  2. Some styles are repeated but some styles are seasonal. Most classic or repeat bags go up in price every year. My Jumbo flaps that used to retail for 1200.00 a few years back are 1600-1700(I think).
  3. I don't know if there's a true rhyme or reason to be honest.
    The Grand Shopping Tote has been $1650 for what seems like forever and it still is. . . it's been well over a year at that price.
  4. My SA at Saks said that prices are going up 6% sometime soon - prices for the resort items already have this increase built in...ouch!
  5. I dont know if its every year.... but well unless you planning to buy 10 bags the increase is usually 40-80 dollars and thats not even covering half the taxes (where I live) so you should be fine!