Do Chanel make hand-held bags?

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  1. Hi! As in the title, do Chanel have any particular models that are hand -held as opposed to a shoulder bag?

  2. Yes, I saw the most beautiful white clutch the other day - if it wasn't whit I would have bought it. It was quilted lambskin and the double c's were the clasp - PERFECT!!!
  3. Definitely. There is a Kelly-shaped bag that's quilted, and many smaller totes with short handles to be hand-held.
  4. There is this white clutch coming out that I sooo want. However, I'm not much of a clutch girl. I'm afraid I'll lose it.
  5. 2.55 or double flap can be held by hand as well. The length of the chains is adjustable.
  6. tons actually! Anything specific in mind?
  7. Clutches, small bags, kelly
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses...I have never actually *seen* a real Chanel bag because the Chanel SA's here in Sydney have a dreadful reputation for being rude and snobby if you don't look like a billionaire (which I don't). But now that I have an LV Alma I feel brave enough to walk in there!

    I am actually looking for an evening bag because LV don't have that many glamorous ones...