Do chanel flats run small in size??

  1. Hi I want to know if the chanel flats like this photo run small in size? i'm a size 8 and i have a pair already, they fit but the toes are a bit squashy as the flats are pointy. I've never tried 8.5, I wonder if 8.5 will fits better than 8 as I want to get another pair.

    what about the patent one with heels?
    Does anyone come across this issue when purchasing the chanel shoes?
  2. they fit half a size small i think..

    I'm a 38.5 but it's too tight for me when I tried those flats in this size. 39.5 was too big so 39 is perfect but they didnt have anymore left for me :sad:
  3. I have those!

    I always go up a size when it comes to Chanel shoes.
  4. I wear one size larger in Chanel shoes.
  5. Yes, I wear one size larger in Chanel.
  6. I also wear one size larger.
  7. Definitely go up a size larger. I have about 9 or 10 pairs of flats and it's the same with every pair- at least a size bigger for me.
  8. i wear a half a size larger in chanel. i have a couple of pairs of the classic flats and a pair of heels. generally i'm a 9 in shoes and a 40 in say manolos but a 40.5 in chanel. i also wear a ped thing in it to make it fit a little better (because my heel comes out) and to keep the bottom looking nice. hope that makes sense...
  9. I wear a half size larger in Chanel...