Do Chanel Boutique's Refund???

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm having trouble with a bag of mine that's strap has broken twice and I was wondering if anyone has successfully gotten a refund (not store credit) from a Chanel Boutique? I'm sure there's nothing I want to exchange the bag for and I don't want the bag fixed as I am sure that this issue is going to be ongoing with this bag.

    Any ideas about how to get a refund? Should I see the SA or the Store Manager?

  2. S,
    last time i returned a bag and got a store credit then they told me they never give any refund back :sad:
  3. In my knowledge, Chanel Boutiques in UK don't do refund (exchange only). But the counter in Selfridges does refund, so I always buy from there.
  4. that's y i usually stick w/ dept store. then again i never return anything ...
  5. Poo........I just called them. The bag I want to return has broken twice and they said that they will only repair (it's barely a month old!). No exchanges or refunds. Repair will take 6 - 8 weeks, which completely sucks. Grrrrrr........
  6. .....wonder if they'll give me a loaner????? lol
  7. I had gotten refund from the Chanel boutique once for a problem they were responsible for enlarging it rather than fixing it. I was lucky; it was hassle free. I still buy from the boutique because my SA is the greatest SA I have ever worked with.
  8. Cal, I would insist on a refund in your situation. They will tout their no refund policy and many people don't have the patience to fight it. I think you should. It's not like you changed your mind about the bag. It broke for goodness sakes.
  9. By European law they have the right to repair or exchange it 3 times after that they have to give you a refund and I would make this very clear at Chanel that you know about this law and that you're willing to fight for it!
    I hate shops who don't give a good customer service!
    Good luck, Cal.
    PM me if you have more questions about it.
  10. i agree! i would ask to speak with the store manager directly and show them the damage. after a MONTH?! that's ridiculous! good luck.
  11. Cal - when I took my CC back to the boutique, the Manager offered me one of 3 choices. I could a) Return the bag and refund my purchase, b) exchange for a totatlly different bag style or c) exchange my broken CC for a new CC that they had held in the back for me.

    I told them that because I had waitlisted for this particular bag, I clearly wanted it. But if I had to bring it back one more time that I would return it for a full refund. Right now it's been one week since I exchanged the Cotton Club and I can see the rings on the new bag beginning to separate. I may be back at the Chanel Boutique very soon.
  12. Cal, I've gotten a full refund from Chanel boutique before. I spoke to the manager. Good luck :flowers:
  13. I bought the metallic silver lux bowler last May and used it several times. The metallic part stated to come off the handles and other parts of the bag leaving a very ugly leather underneath. I brought it to my boutique last Fri and she offered me a refund to my credit card, an exchange for a different bag, or store credit. She did say that Chanel had problems w/the metallic silver and gold bowlers and that it was in fact a defect.
  14. Hmm.. I dont know about Europe. But in US Chanel you can definately do a refund within 14 days( I am not too sure) if the bag is unused.
  15. Exactly! Get your refund, even if you have to argue, which we hate to do... but your bag broke! That is very poor quality control or a design flaw on Chanel's part.