Do Chanel boutiques offer free shipping returns?

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  1. Thanks!!
  2. The boutique I shop with at the Bellagio in Las Vegas does not pay for return shipping. I would suppose this is a Chanel policy.
  3. Recently, I had bought a PST and it was too small, so I sent it back. I exchanged it for the GST. I had to pay to return my bag, but then they didn't charge me to ship the new bag out. They actually shipped it to me overnight. This was at the Chanel on Madison Avenue in New York.
  4. You pay for all shipping..EVery once in a while they will pay for shipping..but thats rare and ONLY if you have a REALLY good relationship with yer SA....KWIM?
  5. In my experience, Chanel does not pay for any shipping costs.
  6. They only credit you the return shipping in rare cases, cases in which they send out a defective bag to you.

    I received a damaged bowler from the HI store and they credited me the return shipping charges and sent me out a new one right away.