Do Chanel Boutiques give you Fedex Tracking no.?

  1. Do your Chanel Boutiques give you the Fedex/UPS/DHL Tracking no. when your purchase is being shipped to you? My SA said that they do not reveal the tracking no. to the customer and I'm a bit concern about that.:s
  2. nope they never give it to me...
  3. No. You can call them (the boutique) and have them track it for you though.
  4. I wonder why they don't. Balenciaga NY has the same policy. I once asked the SA there if they could give me a tracking number (I like to know when it's coming!), and they said they are not allowed to give it out.
  5. Nopes they do not provide tracking numbers (as they don't know what it will be) but they will be able to track the item for you. Just call the SA and ask her to notify you the estimation of arrival.
  6. I didn't get the tracking number either!
  7. I found out that if you tell Fedex your address and the estimated time the handbag was shipped, they would be able to give you the tracking no.;)
  8. No they don't , I just bought a coco cabas and the SA said that I can't have the tracking for security reasons.
  9. No, but I trust Chanel to send my package. Everytime I go they even ask me am I going to be home on that day because it will get sent back if I'm not there.
  10. That's what I always do. I call Fed Ex and tell them to look a package up by the delivery address because I don't have a tracking #. They will then tell me when the package will be delivered.