Do chanel boutiques do charge sends?

  1. Hi, i am new and i just spent an hour looking at everyones pics of their cabas in various threads and have decided I would love to have one especially bc I have been carrying my trigger for over a year now even though it is the most durable bag ever!

    I am looking for a chanel cabas preferably in leather but iguess vinyl would be ok too. Are they waitlisted everywhere? Do I have a better chance of getting the cabas by calling Saks or Neiman Marcus?
  2. The original Cabas in vinyl is sold out everywhere, at least that is
    my understanding. The new CoCo Cabas in the Cruise Collection is still available. There seems to be a few scattered around according to post on tPF.

    I am sure your chances of getting one would be better @ Saks, MN, Nordstrom, the dept store will possibly have some.
  3. VERY HARD to find bags.I did see a vinyl cabas at Saks In PA a few days ago...not sure if its still there....I use Damian at that store 1-610-667-1550,GOOD LUCK..I adore my teal and black cabas bags!
  4. the new cabas for spring 07 is dark denim from what i understand, select nordstroms will carry them - and yes i think they do charge sends
  5. The Chanel boutiques in Germany don't charge shipping but they aren't in big departments, they're stand alone shops but return shipping has to be paid by the customer.