Do Chanel boutiques authenticate bags?

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  1. hi all - I've mostly been at the YSL and Chloe boards but have recently caught the Chanel bug!

    I bought a chanel bag from Portero (on ebay) but it does not come with an authenticity card. I would like to confirm the authenticity of the item at a Chanel boutique - do you know if the stores will do that? will they put something in writing so in the future if i want to sell the bag i'll have some proof?

    I'm kind of afraid going in and saying that I got something on ebay...will they think that's totally lame?

    thanks for your help!!
  2. Maybe you could say it was a gift or passed on to you from a family member.
    I made the mistake of going into the Chanel store on Rodeo in Beverly Hills and its amazing I lived thru that experience.:sad:
    If their looks alone didn't do me in, the attitude and snobbism sure did.
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  3. I've been in LV once to authenticate and the told me they don't do that. I'm sure you'll get the same thing from Chanel store.
  4. If you read the message boards, you'll see that Chanel doesn't authenticate. If you are friendly with an SA, she may help but I don't think they ever will give out a letter of authenticity.
  5. wow. ok, I'm glad I asked before actually going...I don't think I could have taken the humiliation - the stores on 5th ave are very snooty. thanks everyone!
  6. So when people guarantee authenticity or money back on ebay what protection does one really have if the stores don't authenticate? :confused1:
  7. You have to be very careful. Alot of the scammers say they will give your money back if you can get a written letter from Chanel stating the bag is fake, knowing they would never do this.
  8. most people don't know that the stores will not authenticate so it's a claim the buyer makes that sounds good but in effect, means nothing (and the buyer knows this!)
  9. in this case, are there actual stores that will authenticate for you... not department stores or boutigues, but people that deal with authenticating items...
  10. Hi all-

    I realize this is an old thread, but it's an always-relevent issue. If you want to have a bag authenticated by the boutique, the best way to do it is ask them to work on it or clean it. They, of course, will not work on a fake. If they accept the item, it's real! I would recommend doing this with any purchase made outside of an authorized dealer (Chanel Boutique, Saks, Neimans, Barneys, etc.).

    Fakes are worth $0...not worth having -- buy authentic!
  11. ITA wil potero, tell them you have an issue like stitching with the bag and see if they will resolve it for you. Tell them the bag is a gift if they ask you where you got it from. I have also heard that if you take a fake bag into a store and ask them to authenticate it they can confiscate the bag if it's fake. Is this true???
  12. mypoupette do write an authentication regarding the handbag i believe...
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  13. I've heard that if you even walk into a designer boutique with a fake bag they can confiscate it from you because it's trademark infringement (or something along those lines). Not sure if this is true though and if it applies to only Chanel, but I've heard this several times.

    That must be so humiliating!
  14. whenever i see any fake bags, especially chanel, i want to walk up to that person and be like "i dare you to go into a chanel boutique with that and see what happens" i dont think they would. if you carry a fake you know it. and i dont think anyone would bring it into the store unless they were really ignorant.
  15. ^It's scary though. There are the low grade replicas that are so obviously fake from a mile away. I've also seen replicas that are so unbelievably real looking that I'm not sure that even an SA could tell the difference just by looking at it superficially (not investigating the insides, serial numbers, etc.

    I would just be plain embarrassed to bring in an obvious fake into a designer boutique.