do chanel boutiques always charge $25 flat shipping?

  1. it seems kind of high? i wanted to buy addison's belt necklace :p from the chanel boutique but the sales lady said shipping would be $25.....for a belt :wtf: and she said they always charge that much, no matter what the item is. is this always the case?
  2. I don't know if that's true, for my birthday my friend order me a keychain and for overnight/2 day shipping it was $25 but I've read that some PFers don't ever get charged shipping when they buy bags and stuff? I think it depends on the SA? I hope that's not the case!
  3. i've always been charged shipping regardless where i buy from.
  4. I have also been charged shipping everytime I purchase over the phone.

    My mom told me today that she bought the J12 from Vegas and they gave her free shipping.

    So I don't have a good answer I guess:rolleyes:
  5. I honestly think the more you spend or the better relationship you have with your SA is when you get shipping waived... but really $25 each time you order something would get pricey!
  6. i didnt expect to get it waived completely, but $25 to ship a belt is kind of pricey.....
  7. ^I know..but i've always been charged that much too.i guess the shipping price always be $25 or not at all(if u buy a lot and/or know the SA well i guess)
  8. It depends on which Chanel Boutique and the SA.

    I usually receive free shipping if I get from one particular SA. But, I do tend to buy from her and refer to her a good bit. So, I think she does it for those reasons.

    Other boutiques have charged me $25 for regular shipping and $35 for overnight shipping.

    Honestly, for the amount we're spending, you would think they could throw that in for free.
  9. dari- i wanted to have it shipped to me because I did not feel like the drive, and I was like never mind i will pick it up.. again it depends on who you deal with.
    I think it also depends on the amount of money you spend..
    So many people now are calling and ordering over the phone- I guess they are being sticklers about this..hope you get the belt though:p:p
  10. I think for Chanel they use Fedex to ship~And, Fedax are more expensive to ship in domestic compare to united postal office!
  11. and they ship via FedEx Express 2 day!
  12. You’re lucky! Since it’s only $25 for the shipping.. For me who orders internationally, it would be around $40 - $50!
  13. $25-$35 is the norm for shipping costs in my experience.
  14. I asked my Chanel SA why its 25..
    She said"they charge that for a flat insurance ONLY rate..not for actual shipping...."with all purchases..Overnight is 35...
  15. When you buy a bag though do you usually get charged shipping? I mean paying 1200+.... shipping should be free haha!