Do celebrities' trips to rehab, 'crazy' behavior and partying have a negative influe

  1. Do reports of stars' rehab trips and 'crazy' behaviour negatively influence kids?

    A recent magazine poll reveals that bad celebrity behavior might be turning teens, specifically girls, off drugs and alcohol. But do kids need to be protected from media images of the stars that many consider to be their role models?

    (I found this question posed in Yahoo! Answers and thought it would be fun for us to talk about.)

    I think it's important to tell little girls that there's nothing glamourous about Paris Hilton's life. She is not a role model, and it's not realistic to aspire to be like her or like any party girl in general.

    I think it's okay for little girls to be listening to Britney's music and seeing Lindsay's movies. Britney and Lindsay worked really hard to get where they were, and they both are examples of what happens when you go out and party too much. Lindsay is getting help and time can only tell with Britney, but we're all praying for the best for her.
  2. I don't think so. Like celebrities, there are kids who manage to party, be sexually active and engage in recreational drug use without it impacting their lives to the extent that they are obliged to drop out of school or go to rehab, and there are celebrities and kids who just lose it.

    Those of us who are older may be able to look back at our own activities, and those of our close friends, and if we are honest, we will all be able to remember some, perhaps including ourselves, who could give all the current crop of party girls a run for their money, and still went on to become responsible adults with productive and happy lives, and we will remember others who were not so fortunate, even some whose "wild oats" essentially killed them.

    Personally, I think whether peoples' youthful frolics mess up their lives has to do with a combination of individual brain chemistry and personality, psychological factors, and not so much what either celebrities or other kids do or don't do.
  3. ^^^I basically agree with ShimmaPuff--hasn't every generation said the younger generation was too wild? Some of us remember the Music Man song "Trouble"--kids playing pool were headed for disaster early in the 20th century. It seems so silly now.

    Our local tv station interviewed some girls on a h.s. basketball team on this very topic--they all said what they see Lindsay and Britney, etc. going thru makes them NOT want to do those things. The catch is these were h.s. athletes and young female athletes tend to have better self-esteem, better grades, and better ability to resist peer pressure.
  4. good point boxer mom.
  5. i would hope it wouldn't influence young girls. If that have a positive effect on them like "This is what happens when you do drugs, drink etc.." Though I was quite disturbed at that 14 yr old girl thinking it was fasionable to be pregnat! Could that of been an influence that the media brought on?