Do celebrities enhance or devalue a brand like Hermes?

  1. I was watching a show about Valentino and they were talking about how some super young new TV star wanted front row seats to his show and what to do about it...
    For Hermes specifically, do you think celebrities are good or bad or both or what?
  2. well personally i do not care that much about celebs but since H does not actively promote or supports celebs it is fine with me they have any right to buy what they like. of course sometimes i would prefer some people not to wear h(not only celebs) but that is my problem not theirs and i actually feel bad for thinking that way.
    so i like overexposre of brands ? no! do i agree with the celeb obsession of our times? no ! but there is nothing i can do about it and it certainly does not affect my love for a brand
  3. That is such a great answer! I have to admit it drives me crazy when certain celebrities carry Hermes-but I always tell myself that for most of them it's just a fad or their stylist told them to carry a particular bag. I am terribly possessive of Hermes...:boxing:
    I did feel bad for Valentino though, it was the last show of his amazing career and he had to worry about some starlet!
  4. :yes:...I coudn't have said least in English:p...
  5. Sometimes it's a joy to see a photo of a celeb carrying a H bag.
    The late CBK for example.
    Unfortunately, that joy does not come very often.

    Lilach, very well put.
  6. It doesn't matter to me what celebs wear, whether it's Hermes or not. In fact, I ignore all the hype and don't even pay attention. They're just people like anyone else.:shrugs:
  7. I think it depends on the celebrity. Grace Kelly
    was elegance, Paris Hilton, not so much.

    But like lilach said it doesn't affect
    my love for the brand. :smile:
  8. Celebrities don't have anything to do with my :heart: for Hermes. I do have to confess that I did cringe when I saw Britney Spears with a black croc kelly. Not because she was carrying it so much as I know she isn't treating her well. Such a bag deserves :heart:.
  9. I am shallow.... saw Grace Kelly with her bag when I was young.. crush!
  10. I agree with the others, Lilach put it perfectly.
    Also generally speaking I absolutely DON'T like overexposure. I like much better discreetly well kept secrets.
    I would be horrified if H became a mass product, sorry.
  11. I think over-exposure does de-value just about anything. I'm so glad that my dog breed (Cavaliers) did not make the Top Ten Dogs list nationwide this year, and was distressed that it was on the list in 2-3 cities. Hermes on Grace Kelly is one thing, but most of the celebs today are tacky and trashy looking and I hate seeing them with Hermes. Hopefully, their stylists will move them on to the next big thing, and SOON!
  12. Some celebrities enhance Hermes, some devalue.
    I wonder if I were Britney Spears' assistant...would she let me borrow her bags?
  13. H does not need celebs. I don´t think they affect the brand in any way.
  14. I get so bored with this celebratory culture and worship
    I mean most of them are terrible singers, others actors, they self worship themselves all the time to the point of narcissism, (this award ceremony, that award ceremony yawn) A lot are really screwed up mentally

    I back the unsung heroes.

    Re Hermes, no I don’t care if they buy and flaunt the product,

  15. I don't care, except when the celebvrities flaunts faked up versions. Luckily H isen't as prone to this as another brand I like.:s