Do buyers ever sue the seller for selling them $100-300 fake as authentic?

  1. I've gotten a fake before last year that had authentic written all over the listing but it was SOOOO not authentic. Heck! It wasnt even leather! :yucky: But I'm not one to sue.
  2. i don't know but if i ever recieved a fake i would do everything in my power to have them taken off eBay and report them to the fbi and get my money back.
  3. I wouldnt sue. I would follow the steps (contacting seller, disputing, Etc) like anyone would tell you here IMMIEDIATELY upon receiving it.

    Unfortunately, I think you may be a little too late to take those steps.

    But sue? No. There is nothing I would buy on eBay that would ever be worth suing.
  4. I do not think sueing would be worth the effort in time nor money..and the sellers know it.

    Yeah, my 200th post!
  5. I would in a heart beat! I all but had the civil complaint filed in the Superior Court for Middlesex County in MA on the 'yellow bag fiasco". I am a practicing attorney in NJ and MA so for me, I have no problems telling a seller exactly what course of action I will take. The seller on the yellow bbag would not give back my $1000 which is alot! I was not about to sit back and do nothing. It would have cost me meager duckets to file the claim and haul her a*s to court. Costs her wayyyy more to hire counsel than to refund my money. Even the threat of a lawsuit seems to get people singing a different tune and FAST. Moreover, in an effort to help others who have been scammed on eBay, I offered free legal help (i.e., I would write a letter from my firm on their behalf) to help them get their money back. I have no problems helping out a fellow tPF member free of charge!
  6. If it's only 200 thats not worht it though, it would cost you more to sue
  7. For the price of $100-$300..the price to sue isn't worth it, but they should be reported for the item not being authentic