Do burberry/juicy couture scarves go on sale?

  1. After season, do they ever go on sale? If so approximately how much? I'm contemplating whether to buy now or later.

  2. yes, you can find them at Neiman's sales, not too many colour selections tho..I scored a Burberry cashmere scarf for $95 last year, it was marked down from $345.
  3. there's a whole stack of juicy scarves at loehmann's in the beverly center if you're from LA for a good deal off, but i forgot the exact price.
  4. I think the classic nova check for Burberry rarely go on sale, or at least at the Burberry stores (but I haven't looked that hard at department stores). I got a pink nova check scarf at the Burberry outlet for ~$95.
  5. Juicy scarves almost always go on sale and ususally for pretty cheap, like less than $50, although I've seen them for as little as $29!

    The only Burberry scarves I've seen on sale have been the pastel ones for around $100.
  6. Burberry scarves rarely go on sale, but I remember seeing one of the orange cashmere plaids on sale last year for about 30% off.
    I just scored a red cashmere small scarf from their outlet for $29, original $169. It's going to be a great gift!
  7. I bought a Burberry scarf from the outlet for 19.99.
  8. I just got the longest, blue and gray stripped Juicy scarf from Nordstrom Rack for $40 in Northern VA. They also have a pink & green stripped one. I got my red cashmere Burberry scarf from the outlets for $50 and the last time I was at the Leesburg outlets I saw a yellow nova check w/ matching glove set for $70. GL! As far as the classic Burberry scarfs, I don't think they are ever severely discounted, but, I'm not sure :smile:
  9. Thank you all! The thing is it's not that pressing for me to buy a scarf right now so was wondering whether I should wait or not.

    I actually did a google search for juicy scarves at Neimans, you all were correct! They are marked down severely!

    When do these sales occur though?
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  11. I have juicy scarves on sale at Nordstroms for as mush as 70% off in the past.