Do boutiques (Chloe, etc.) have after-Christmas sales?

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  1. Can anybody tell me?
    I've never been to places other than the mall after Christmas. I'm thinking of going to South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA but don't know if its worth the trip (I live in L.A.)

    What other places have good sales now? Any info would be appreciated in a major way! :amuse: :amuse:
  2. The Chloe sale begins on the 2ND of January
  3. I wish there was a Chloe boutique near me :sad: I wonder if any other stores like Saks and NM will be having sales. I'll have to go to the mall this week to check it out.
  4. chloe needs to open a boutique at Phipps or Lenox...i seriously need me a chloe store!
  5. gucci and prada always have a sale.
  6. I was at Gucci yesterday and they had a sale. But the sale is of course of the older bags, and many of the ones at Gucci were the velvet line (which isn't as practical now as it was when the line came out). I wish there were sales for the bags I want! And for the bag I bought...
  7. Does Chloe sale really begins on 2nd jan? If so, i gotta run to Chloe store in South Coast Plaza!! :nuts:
  8. yeah, that would be nice!
  9. What will the Chloe sale be on? the clothes or the bags?
  10. I wonder too... If it's bags, then :nuts:
  11. Augh.. why isn't there a Chloe here !

    I'm jealous of all you girls.. just remember to post pictures of all your conquests ! :lol: