Do Birkins come in 42cm

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  1. I am unfamiliar with Hermes sizes but after reading a bit I did not see any mention of a 42cm. A friend of mine who owns a shop special ordered a Dove grey Birkin of that size but the client did not like it. He asked if I was interested but since I don't know how to tell the difference and not seeing the color on the charts I am now feeling a bit leery.

  2. answered my own question, the conversion to cm should have been 45cm and I see they are that size.

  3. Well if it was 42 cm, it could have been the JPG shoulder birkin.
  4. Thank you , I am so in the dark when it comes to Hermes
  5. Hi, no 42 cm birkin that I have heard of.:flowers:
  6. there;s a 45cm but no 42 cm unless its the shoulder birkin
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