Do bigger closets help?


Jan 4, 2008
So we all know the saying "you wear 25% of your clothes 75% of the time" and I find that to be painfully true for myself. I was thinking maybe my tiny closet with enormous amount of clothes has something to do with it... So I fantasize about a huge walk-in closet and imagine how I would wear most of my clothes and shoes all the time....

For those of you who were lucky enough to move into a bigger closet, do you find that you use much more of your clothes than you did when you had a smaller closet?

So curious..


lettin' them have it
Nov 29, 2010
well when i had a bigger closet, i could see more of my clothes and could think of new combinations all the time.

now that my closet is bueno
Oct 30, 2008
I have a smaller walk in closet and it's crowded so it doesn't help. I'm starting to think user error and too much clothing!


Nov 9, 2009
The more room, the more stuff. My closet started enormous and now I can't breathe inside it. I keep everything cuz I think I have the room. It's just a bigger mess. I just showed my husband the pics that look like closets/rooms from the new Balard catalog and he said he'd never see me. LOL


Sep 22, 2006
Yes, being able to SEE your clothing does help you wear more of it - or it makes it much clearer which pieces you never wear despite seeing them and knowing they are there, making it easier to get rid of them. However, what others have said about a bigger closet equalling a bigger mess can be true, too, it just depends on how diligent you are about organization and twice yearly (minimum) closet overhauls.


Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
i think it has to do with how organized the closet is...not how big.
ITA! I had a huge closet that was a mess! I could never find anything! Now my smaller and organized closet holds less but I can see everything in it!:biggrin:Also may I add when you have a big messy closet you end up buying 5 of the same thing! I had in my old closet 8 black cashmere turtlenecks!:Push:So:shame:embarassing!


Oct 5, 2008
i think it has to do with how organized the closet is...not how big.
Yes absolutely true! I had a HUGE closet growing up at my parents' house and it was a disaster. Now in my apartment, my closet is much much smaller but everything has its place and I know where everything is. A smaller closet also keeps my shopping addiction in check :P. So I'm not buying more stuff I don't need, then losing it/forgetting I have it in the depths of a ,unorganized space.


Apr 8, 2007
Bay Area
I have a small closet so I need to always purge the clothes that I don't wear that much. I also need to seek good storage methods to really help me organize my things. I don't know what I will do once it is 100% packed..

I wish I had a big closet!
May 19, 2009
South Florida
I happen to have a large closet and I have to say...the larger the closet...the more you put in it. However, it does help to be able to see what you have, but not so much if it isn't organized.
I think smaller is better. My closet when I lived at home wasn't very large, and the one in my apartment is even smaller since I share with my bf (although we put 2 rods in to maximize the space). I'm more aware of what I put in it and purge more regularly because I REALLY don't have space for anything more. For shoes, almost all of mine are in their boxes up on a shelf just because of space restraints, but because they're my "go to" pairs they come out of the boxes all the time.

It sounds like you need to do a closet purge! Get rid of all the stuff you don't wear, and then switch all the hangers backwards. In a few months take a look and see which items are still hanging on backwards hangers-get rid of those too.


May 18, 2007
I have a fairly small closet that I share with DH. It's amazing what I find in there sometimes. It's not uncommon for me to find a piece of clothing with the tags still on it. I believe that if I had more closet space, I would wear more things.


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Jul 20, 2010
In my closet
I have a smaller size walk-in and plus spare bedrooms closets. I considered myself organize and was able to keep my closets / accessories organized by following common rules which applied to my lifestyle. For example, built a functional closet system and organized my cloths by type and color. Hang as much so I can see them all at once. Stored sweaters and knits in dressers. Having shoe closet system in a separate space inside my garage ……

I know exactly what I have and where to find them. But I am still wearing the 15% of my entire wardrobe. Later I figure out it is not about the space, it’s about the habits:shame:. This is where I need to improve my skill:P.

Of course I am dreaming of having a HUGE walk-in:love:, not b/c I want to see all my cloths more for my love for the interior design.