Do bidders/buyers now simply bid and buy for fun on eBay?

Nov 24, 2006
With the new rules that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, and whether the bad economy has much to do with it, the rate of non-paying buyers just keep going up! I sold an item at the end of July, asked bidder/buyer to pay after she exceeded the three day paying period via Paypal I asked for in the auction, after two days with no reply, wrote again, and got "will pay after I get back from vacation in two days". Okay. At least that's better than not paying. After two days and still no payment, I opened a dispute, wrote to her again and this time got "my vacation extended and so I will pay after two more days". After two days, of course I didn't get payment from her so I filed for a dispute. And then "Please don't open the dispute, I'm very interested in this item and will pay in three days" Then I lost patience, gave her a final chance of three more days, told her that if she pays, no strike will be delivered to her account, and when she didn't pay I just closed the dispute. WTH? Telling me not to open a dispute I already opened? Does that mean that she would have kept hoaxing me like that for an idiot for two more months and not pay if I played along with it?

Blocked the winner, relisted the item again, and guess what? New buyer didn't pay again! Both with 100% positive feedback now that are completely useless and without face value. Her excuse? Exactly the same! If it weren't that they were registered in different countries (Canada and Spain, respectively) I would have taken the new buyer for an alternate ego of the old NPB. Seriously, non-paying shouldn't be surprising these days and I was preparing myself for it, but if you're not buying, why not just say it? I asked both to just tell me if they're not interested any more so I can simply relist the item, but no, they must play a trick like that, thinking I'm a dumb brute, so they can enjoy wasting my time too! :cursing: If they have internet access so that they can reply to emails, they sure can take 5 seconds to go through eBay checkout. Ugh.

Result? Strikes for dishonesty and wasting people's time. If they have confirmed their lack of interest in completing the purchase, I would have asked them to fill out the mutual agreement and it'll be done; no strikes given. What do they gain from giving such excuses? How many strikes can these time wasters get before they get a suspension? :shrugs: Anyone have these annoyingly dishonest NPBs?


Aug 16, 2008
Sydney, AUS
I have been experiencing many more NPB recently! Just now I am waiting on a response from a buyer who bought a bag from me on Sunday. She bidded at the last minute and won the auction, I sent the invoice straight away etc. An hour or so after the auction ended I thought it strange she still hadn't paid, seeing as she was obviously online as she bid right in the last few seconds of auction. I still havn't had a response from her or recieved payment and it's Tuesday I checked her feedback and have seen various positve/negative feedbacks which say she is a NPB!!! :crybaby:So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone bid at the last minute without intending to pay!?! Some people have far too much time on their hands.
Nov 24, 2006
^Oh my gosh, I know! The first winner actually bidded on the item multiple times, like she really wanted to win it, then she didn't want to pay and ran off! What is the world coming to with people like these! With regards to your bidder she may have used one of those sniping services...


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Jun 4, 2006
OMG I know! I've had 2 NPB in the past 3 days! The worst part is, my items have interest from other buyers and I can't relist them because I can file a dispute for 7 days! I contacted live help really angry about one. She BINed my 2k RO jacket and then emails me asking for more pictures and a shipping quote saying she doesn't know if she wants to pay. After I send her the shipping price she says "I don't think I will pay now, im going 2 think about it thank u" wtf! :nogood: I contacted ebay really mad about both. The first buyer has 3 previous NPB feedbacks and has bid on, won, and paid for other items since she won mine. Live chat told me to email billing and I received my aggravating and pointless form letter this morning. With the RO buyer I demanded billing on live chat and she said she would file a dispute for me from her end only after I threatened to leave ebay. Ebay is really ridiculous and when I'm done cleaning out my closet here I'm gone until they fix it. :cursing:


Jul 26, 2007
I totally feel your frustration! I, myself, have had around 8 NPB's in the last month. Most are new. They are always the ones that come on there and bid up the auction and then just does'nt pay. What's worse is I can never even get them to respond to any emails. The last one was a lady who made an BO and after I accepted it she decided she did not want it. She told me it was the wrong size bag. I was going to be nice, afterall she had 250+ Fb's, but after checking her bid history I saw where she won the same size bag the next day for less! So I told her I was reporting it to ebay and I was not nice about it! I just wish I could leave a darn NEGATIVE for these NPB!!!!! I have had it with ebay's new rules.


pointe de la mode
May 4, 2008
same here. 8 years of eBay, and i've NEVER had NBP problems till this summer. now it happens all the time!


Apr 9, 2006
SF Bay Area, CA
Yup, same here....rarely had NPB problems and now I've relisted a bag twice due to non payers. First one was a newbie, but second one was someone with 300+ feedbacks at 100% positive. I do think it has led to more people with buyer's remorse thinking they no longer have to feel the need to complete a purchase.

On the other hand, I have to admit I'm guilty of doing it as well....I bid and won a purse I wasn't 100% sure of on authenticity, but it was such a great BIN price I didn't want to ask first and risk it being gone. I figured if it was later determined to be fake (which it was), I don't have to pay....with no risk to me. I rationalize that sure, she has to go through the hassle of relisting, but she's trying to sell a fake purse....I shouldn't feel bad for her!

LV Rawks

Jun 9, 2006
Midwest USA
It is frustrating, isn't it?! Just today I had a winning bidder email me as soon as I sent her the invoice saying that she bid on the wrong item and could I do a second chance offer to the next person...whatever. I am sick to all heck of ebay and these ridiculous bidders!
Jun 25, 2008
What a bunch of loonies. Maybe they were once stressed-out sellers who were driven to the brink by non-paying loony buyers. The cycle of life continues--ain't it wonderful?
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