Do BBag owners in this forum have OCD?

  1. Do you think that the way we obsess is healthy? Probably not. I'm starting to think "Yep, I deff. have ocd, this is not normal" I am loving this illness, at least I'm having fun! Anyone else?
    :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  2. Me too, Shasta! It never fails I get a new bag and then I'm off to the other one! My husband would die if he knew of all the bags I have!:cursing:

  3. u r a riot MRG ! :roflmfao: how many does he know about ... 3 ? :graucho:
  4. yes, but it's the good manifestation of OCD, where we're happily obsessed
    but that need for another, and another...
    somewhat clinical, don't you think?!
  5. lol ITA ! am having so much fun that it cant be a bad obsession!:graucho: i only get scared a bit when i come home after all day at work ( spent on the forum mind you ) and the Forum is down and i have a classic cold turkey coming my way ! :nuts: happened once or twice and spent the entire evening refreshing the website and munching on piles of comfort food ... :crybaby:
  6. Yeah maybe we do have OCD, but Bbags are a healthy obsession, at least we don't stalk people:graucho:
  7. I definitely have it - bad. I take pictures of my bags, I stroke them, I would sleep with them (but the dh occupies the other side)! I have it bad! My family made fun of me when I went on vacation and brought 2 different ones (a city and a work). I stare at them. I have pics from tpf of all your bags on my handheld! Is this OCD??? :wtf:
  8. For me, the OCD comes in waves!!! (thank goodness!)

    I get into these temporary insanity moments that last a few weeks at a time, where all I do in my spare time is dream about B-bags and plot out ways to get new ones either by trading or selling something out of my collection. Then, I get it all out of my system and I'm done.....for the moment. Inevitably, I get all obssessed again after 3-4 months have passed by, and I'm ready to refresh my collection again! It's a vicious cycle!
  9. Definitely OCD when it comes to handbags LOL Need a shrink but then with what I would pay him I could buy so many bags so I think I will remain "ill" :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. I so understand this! If I take my ambien before I am in bed, I end up in front of the computer eating tons of food (that drug makes you eat crazy food) and buying tons of stuff and stalking the PF. The next morning I don't even remember any of it! That is why I have the strict rule of ONLY TAKE AMBIEN IN BED!
  11. OMG!!! As I was signing on my DH said to me: "You are obsessed with that forum! Give it a rest! You're going to get sick!"

    Too funny!:roflmfao:
  12. madi, my DH is the same. He's not quite sure how much time I spend on tPF, but he knows I'm always logging in when I'm at home and the kids are in bed.

    Definitely have OCD tendencies... particularly when it comes to smelling my Bbags and constantly checking for rubs. I mean, c'mon! I take public transportation to work and I'm incessantly trying to protect my Bbag from all these strangers... Geez Louise! :wtf: :shrugs: :sos:
  13. I have OCD when it comes to handbags, but nothing else. I don't even understand my own feelings when it comes to these bags. It's like my brain says one thing and my heart says something else. Sounds like love, huh?
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    LOL... I think I definately have Bbag OCD, considering I couldn't hardly sleep the past two nights in anticipation of going to see the selection at NM today!!!
  15. Well girls, my husband only knows of 4 or 5 of my bags!:shocked: I have freaked out when the PF is down, too!:roflmfao: I think to myself ,"What is wrong with will be back up later!". When I think about it, it is amazing how much time I spend on this forum. BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS AND BALENCIAGA!!!:heart: