Do Bayswaters become slouchy?

  1. I have had the oak bayswater for a year and think that it still is in the same shape as I bought it. I have used it almost everyday.
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    Hi guys,

    So I recently bought a Bayswater from Naughtipidgin and wanted a solution to the "saggy bottom". I had a look on UK Etsy and managed to find a handbag base liner made of acrylic to resolve the problem -

    Now I seem to have been lucky and my Bays holds its shape well, but I think the photos show the difference the base liner makes. Hope this helps anyone who is having an issue with a saggy/slouchy bottom :biggrin:

    Base liner and contents of bag...
    Base1.jpg Base2.jpg Base3.jpg
  3. Before and after photos. As I said my Bays holds its shape well, but I think you can see the difference:
    Base.jpg Base4.jpg
  4. If I was going to order this again, I would have measured slightly tighter length ways, as I left some space which means it may have the potential to move around a bit at the bottom of the bag. I didn't want to measure too tight as I didn't want it to look really obvious that there was something at the bottom of the bag, but I think I was a bit too conservative when I measured.

    Hope this helps someone!
  5. It really does depend on the leather your bag is made from, the weight you put into it and how - eg: balanced or not - as much as frequency of use. :smile:
  6. Wow! - all slouchy and saggy bottoms apply here!!!!!:graucho::lol:

    You really can see the difference, esp along the bottom!!......
  7. Absolutely fair point - and I reckon a structured liner will enable contents to be more neatly and securely packed, so therefore a more even weight distribution:thinking:. My, how technical us ladies become with our bag issues!!!.....:graucho:

  8. Wow! That's an excellent result and at only £12 it's money very well spent! :smile:
  9. I've had mine for about 4 years (black Buffalo shine), I've used it a lot (I used to use it for work with my laptop in it) and it has become slouchy which I really like. When I put stuff inside it holds its shape perfectly but when empty it doesn't stand on its own. It's a big plus for me as I love slouchy bags and it's great to have a work bag that looks structured and still relaxed :smile: