Do Bayswaters become slouchy?

  1. I have a Bayswater in goatskin and she is on the slouchy side. Stands up on her own, but has some slouch. I love it like this though.
  2. So here are some pictures of my Heritage Bayswater. I think one of the reasons why she might be a bit slouchier than maybe a regular Bayswater would be already at this early stage is the longer strap - it divides the weight inside the bag quite differently and might explain some of the wrinkles. And of course the leather is very soft (I just love it!!) too. This is what she looks like "naturally", so without any support from inside:

    I've especially been worried about the crease on the top, on the back - there's a visible line forming and I'm trying to stop it from turning permanent.

  3. So here are some pictures of my temporary solution with a folder (please check my earlier posts in this thread!):

    I'm going to work on this idea and I hope I'll find a good permanent solution for my bag! If not, I'll just love her the way she is - slouchy or not :love:

    (p.s. had to divide this post again in two because of the security token problem...)

  4. Thanks for the useful pics. The heritage does look a lot softer leather but it is still very nice.
  5. my bayswater in chocolate has the exact issue, if i stuff it with lots of scarves etc and leave it for a few weeks it does stay straight for a while but soon returns to its slouching. I'm interested in these bagliners anyone know where to get them?
  6. Hi i got my Bays yesterday in oak. How long until it loosens up, i like it being quite rigid!
  7. Congratulations on your oak bays! Hope you get lots of enjoyment from her!

    There's a few threads on keeping the shape of our bags but here's one of the recent threads:
    Also, on this thread, on page 8, I've cut out a piece of card and placed it at the base of my bays and it worked a treat!

  8. What are VIP bag liners??
  9. Forget that i've just googled it and i already have one lol
  10. My 2 year old chocolate bayswater, HTH. :smile:
    (i'm sorry the second one is rotated, cannot figure out how to correct it)
    M!.JPG m22.JPG
  11. Ha ha ha! The base liners can be bought from eBay as well, plastic ones.
  12. Hi Somerset - just come across this - I seem to have been missing things recently! - but my new RO Bays is already pretty slouchy - I always stuff her (usually with scarves!) when not in use, but, as others have said, at the end of the day it really boils down to the type of leather - and some just won't stop from slouching - but it doesn't bother me really - they look great imo either way!!!:biggrin:
  13. Good tip, LittleFox!....:tup:
  14. Hi Steph - just come across this thread - my RO Bays is already doing same! - left side fine, right side, defo more slouch - and when I sit her down she sort of tends to tip backwards - can't seem to stop this, but I do make sure (when in use)that I stuff her with my scarves in the evenings (esp in corners) and it does seem to help - but with the softer, more unstructured leathers I think it can't really be avoided....we just have to love them and put up with their idiosyncracies!!!:p

    ....and I figure that, over time, the other side will hopefully soften to same degree - so match a little better

    ....also - thinking aloud - my more squashed side is at the front when I carry over shoulder - so maybe the weight of my arm (or the owner's before me!) has squashed it ?:thinking:
  15. Thanks, I stuff mine when not in use and it doesn't seem to help. I find it heavy enough when using it so I don't tend to stuff the corner.