Do Balenciaga girls also love Manolos?

  1. Just wondering what types of shoes you bbag lovers may enjoy. I love Manolos Jimmy choo Tory Burch... yumm
  2. I love Jimmy Choo, Chloe', Dries Van Noten and Prada ... Flats ONLY!
  3. I only have one pair of Manolos but yes :smile: Also love my Gucci heels.
  4. :yes: Strappy sandal heels
  5. I don't really have a lot of designer shoes...I spend all my extra money on B-bags, lol!

  6. hahaha same here pippop :yes: i spend my money on bags :nuts:
  7. Love combining my favorite Dior, Choo, Louboutin or Prada shoes with my Balenciaga Bags

    One fav combo: Dior Python heels with Sapin Twiggy
  8. ^^ Siri, how did I know you would LOVE shoes!! Those Dior python shoes are TDF!! They must look so HOT with your Sapin!!! :yes:

    I adore Louboutin, :heart: Choo, :heart: Blahnik :heart: and Marc Jacobs:heart: ....although most of my £££ is taken up from my Bag obsession!! When there is a little left I usually surf eBay and see what I can find!
  9. i don't have lot of designer shoes. i only have marc jacobs pumps (which i don't use often), chloe flat shoes, and michael kors flat gladiator sandals.
    all others are cheap flat shoes and sandals.
    i don't use high heels.

    siri anne, that pyhton is HOTTTT!!!
  10. I love them, but have found most designer shoes are just too narrow for my fred flintstone feet :p

    I only have one pair of Chanel flats and am waiting on a pair of Tods flats - mostly I buy Nine West b/c they fit good!
  11. I love Manolos, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucci & LV shoes
  12. High heels are not my friends. Between high arches, wide feet and years of dance, my feet are fairly uncooperative.:crybaby:

    My go to shoes are rocket dogs:yes:
  13. I have a pair of strappy metallic Manolo stiletto sandals left over from my pre-Bal days, when I spent major money on shoes. These days it's mostly flats, though I did buy a pair of flat knee-high Jimmy Choo boots last year. For the most part I go for comfort with some cuteness - Repetto flats are my new favorite shoes.
  14. ^^ nope, no high heels for me (sigh) :girlsigh:

    p.s. they're gorgeous, but they kill my back