Do Bal Boutiques have past season colors? How do I find out what they have?


Jul 12, 2007
I'm looking for something in Gris Tarmac with mRGGH or even possibly RH (I'm thinking maybe a Day or a Hip) and I was wondering who might still have this in stock. Do I have to contact each boutique directly? (Neiman Marcus still has some Gris Tarmac, I know, but not the ones I want). Thanks in advance for your expertise!


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Dec 6, 2005
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Yes, sometimes they have leftover from prior seasons. You will need to call each Boutique separately; I would try Las Vegas first and then NYC as they are the larger boutiques.

The other route is pre-loved, via eBay, Bonanza or online consignment stores. Believe it or not, some pre-loved are sometimes not even used and it's always nice to pay LESS than retail!

Good luck!

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Oct 8, 2014
Hi CeeJay I'm new to this & noticed you have a lot of great info about my latest fetish w/Balenciagas. So far, I have the 2012 Dark Violet Town w/G12 rose gold hardware (which I love) & a 2009 Pourpre Twiggy w/regular hardware. I am pretty picky about colors, and these two are hard to find. Coupla questions: Do you know if the Pourpre ever came in G12 Rose Gold hardware? I have never seen it posted (& I went thru Bal's red family color thread) although i know it came in G21 silver hardware. There is currently a Pourpre City posted w/regular hardware, and I wonder if I can buy the G12 RGH & have the studs replaced, or is that an idiotic idea? also, you mentioned that Bal purples tend to have the greatest problem w/fading. i haven't noticed any (yet) on my Dark Violet, but since that is my favorite purple, and it DOES come w/my beloved G12 RGH, I was wondering if I should get it in City to fit all my stuff, or avoid DV because of future fading? Also, I've gone thru the color charts but there's only so much you can tell from pics. Are there any other colors similar to DV & Pourpre (dark, cold, going more into blue than orange/pink/brown) that I should search for? For instance, Rouge Theatre looks like a darker lipstick red, but really depends on the light/picture. 08 Violet is too light, 14 ultraviolet WAY too light, sapphire you said wears badly, and Raisin i can't get a handle on - seems to have brownish/red undercurrents & i haven't been able to see sample in real life. Finally, in terms of care/maintenance, I saw some ladies recommend Apple products & others LMG, but the comparison thread has no substantive info. Do you have a preference, or do you use something else entirely? Currently both are in great shape, but I'd like to protect for the future. You seem very knowledgeable and experienced w/Bals, and I would REALLY appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance :smile:
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