do bags usually come with boxes?

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  1. I have 3 LV bags, and all of them were in their dustbag and plopped into my shopping bag. :crybaby:

    Do they usually come with boxes or do you have to ask for them?
  2. All my purchases have came with a box. From my Cles to my Mizi, they were all boxed up.
  3. Sometimes I think you have to ask for a box, but I am sure you can go back and request a box from the SA who sold you the LV...all my LV items purchased from ELUX or at LV (I only have 1 item purchased from LV boutique) and everything came in dustbag and placed in a box.
  4. I always make sure to ask for a my SA knows and I don't even have to say anything!
  5. darn it. the last bag I bought, I could probably go back and get a box, but the other two I bought years ago... so I can't get boxes for those.

  6. mine didnt come with a box :sad: and i was at the Paris flagship store ... i think they assumed since i was going to come back to the U.S. that it would be easier for me to pack if i didn't have a box
  7. Depends on your SA. Mine will sometimes ask (and I'll refuse because they're heavy to carry while shopping + I have too many LV boxes at home!)...other times he just boxes them up without asking...and once or twice, I've gotten my items in those brown paper envelopes.
  8. All of my LVs have come with a box (but not all of them came with the LV ribbon). I never had to ask for the box but I think the ribbon came when it was asked to be "wrapped." My BH is the only bag that came in one of those boxes that need to be constructed (like the kind you get at Banana Republic) the others are those real sturdy boxes that fit like a puzzle. If your SA doesn't give you one I would def. ask for them at every purchase!!!!
  9. I think it depends on your SA
  10. While it depends on the SA it'll also depend on if they're out of boxes or not. A couple of times they've been out so they'll tell me to come in next time and get one if I want it.
  11. this is how my last LV items came :smile:

    i would ALWAYS ask for a box if they don't give you one from theirself...

    i use this boxes for jewellery, the bigger ones to keep letters etc. they are very nice and usefull...
    lv boxes.jpg
  12. If you request gift wrapping it will come with all the trimmings including the ribbon. They will also remove any plastic on the item if it were a gift. It's better to ask your SA politely how you want your item wrapped just a box and with the original wrapping of the bag. Otherwise you might be more upset to find they've removed everything that made you purchase the immaculate item in the first place.
  13. Quote:
    I have 3 LV bags, and all of them were in their dustbag and plopped into my shopping bag. :crybaby:

    LOOL..I know how that feels :crybaby: I felt so bad for my bag..poor soul..

    The first time is always a lesson.
  14. I always have to ask. I have had this happen to me at LV and Gucci. Chanel seems to always box them up for me.
  15. Mine came with the boxes and ribbons. But my aunt's bags never did because she never asked for it but when I went to the LV store to buy the wallet, I told her SA about it and he just gave me boxes for her.
    Gucci Stores always boxes them for you.
    Coach Stores you have to ask also.