Do bags make you a target for theft?

  1. Is there an obvious answer, or is it not much of a problem?
    Kind of like x-amount of money hanging off your shoulder?

    Anyone have their bag ripped off their arm??

    I'm just really curious... it's not that I'm afraid, but yeah just out of curiosity...
  2. I have thought about this myself. I moved from California to LV earlier this year and I definitely don't feel as safe as I used to. I find myself taking just my wallet when I'm going out right around town. I do feel like I might bring unwanted attention to myself carrying some of my bags.

    There was a story recently on the news where a guy tried to steal a womans purse off her shoulder, she did fight back and he shot her in the back a couple of times. It's definitely scary but definitley not worth my life. They can have the purse.

    btw- I miss California and I am trying and can't wait to get back there.:crybaby:
  3. In my experience it depends on where I am.

    In my area of the suburbs, we are fortunate to not have a lot of theft. I don't worry carrying my bag around. I do carry it securely on my body but don't worry if it's a target or not.

    When I go downtown or travel to a city, especially one I'm not familiar with, I make sure I keep my bag firmly under my arm if I'm walking in a crowd or on a bus. This is also why I prefer zip top bags; if someone's gonna try something stupid they will see my closed bag top and go elsewhere. Depending on the situation, if I have a flap front purse I'll turn the flap inside toward my body. This is all done not in a paranoid way, but in a confident "don't mess with me" way. :wlae:

    When I went overseas, I played it safe and took my nylon grey Prada backpack. Pretty nondescript with buckled pockets, and it was small enough to where I could carry it in front of me in my arms when in a crowd or in a small shop where I didn't want to thwack anything off the shelves. The buckled pockets are a turnoff for pickpockets. It takes too long to undo them.

    I do think high-end bags can be targets for theft. They're going to attract attention and scream "rich" to thieves and they're looking for a quick, easy hit. I had heard stories about people having bags snatched off them by thieves on bikes or in cars swooping by, so I played it safe and fortunately had no problems. I had already had my wallet stolen once (at WORK a few years prior to that and was not going to go through that again).

    Sorry about the long reply :upsidedown: .
  4. Great Question........

    Around friends have had their designer bags stolen at a resturant or spa when they werent looking..

    But I know many people w/o designer bags that were robbed at gun point or under threat...including me, way back when. :sad:

    My LVs are not Mono and I buy simple looking Pradas of the reasons why is due to the "unwanted attention" it can bring. My neighborhood is not all that I took it into consideration. :yes:
  5. Very interesting to think about. I try to keep my bag (whether it's expensive or not) tight against my body or on my lap in a restaurant (not always easy). I think it's more a case of opportunity for people looking to steal, not just if the bag looks expensive.
  6. i need a gun.

  7. Mace is just as effective. Carry it on your keychain so it is always easily accessible.
  8. ^^ whatever you decide for self-protection, make sure you know how to use it. I would never want anyone's gun or mace to be turned on them!! As posted earlier, it's a purse, not your life.

    Hugs to all and stay safe!
  9. Someone snatched my friends no name purse at a bar so, purses in general are targets. I do not notice people checking out my nicer bags so they draw more attention.
  10. You're not the only one who has wondered about this very issue. I love LV. However, I don't own an actual LV bag. I only own small items. As much as I would love to have an LV bag, I worry about the type of attention it might attract. It's not like I live in a high-crime area either. Overall, I'd say my city is quite safe. Still, I can't help but be apprehensive, so I have stuck to designer bags that aren't obvious.
  11. I agree with Pursegrrl!....depends on where you are. Wear the appropriate bag for the occasion or area you're traveling to. There's always going to be a risks in carrying these beautiful expensive bags no matter where you go but, at least you can try to minimize the risks and take precautions. Don't stay out too late at night by yourself when shopping (too many shopping bags), always be aware of your surroundings, never let your guard down, etc...etc., just don't make yourself a victim!...and then after that it's up to god.
  12. Thank God, I've never been robbed. I remember, me and my family being in an ice cream parlour when I was little and someone stole a woman's bag. I was so scared because of this and was afraid that this could happen to my mom... I never forgot that. Maybe that's why I pay extra attention to my bags when I'm in public - no matter which brand :shrugs:
  13. I agree that it's more purses in general - most thieves who snag purses can't tell a real from a fake anyway, so sometimes it's just bad luck. My hairdresser tod me a story once when I was wearing one of my LV's in that day, and she asked if it was real (aaagh!)

    Anyway, she went on to say that one of the other stylists has a fake LV and some guy tried to snatch her purse, and she said "you know my bag is fake, right?" Apparently the guy made a face, dropped the bag, and left! LOL, I guess he figured if she was carrying a fake, that there wouldn't be much in it!

    It's worth a try if we ever get put in that situation.
  14. I have a weird story about my bag getting stolen. It happened a few years ago. I call it the case of the twice stolen purse.

    In my party hard days, and before I became addicted to designer stuff, I carried a no name purse. BUT it was beautiful. I had gotten it at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. It was hand made by one of the artisans at the festival of the smooshiest most gorgeous putty colored leather....

    Anyway, one night, right before I was about to go out for the evening, I got the strangest feeling about my purse. I started thinking about not taking it with me. My boyfriend and I were going to a bar that we always went to. The kind where everyone knows your name. LOL I did end up bringing it and the whole night I had this funny feeling and I kept watching my purse. Well, later in the evening, the very first time that we had our backs turned, someone stole my purse right off our table. Luckily, we searched the streets and found it abandoned down the block. Sans money, of course.

    The second time was uneventful and I had no pre-theft feelings at all. It was simply stolen from our car. But ever since then I am always cautious about what purse I bring when I go out at night. During the day, I don't worry so much.
  15. I think it depends on where you are, what you're doing, and how you carry yourself. When I'm out around my home, it's not a big deal at all, and I'm always aware of my surroundings. Thieves tend to look for women that are distracted, and I make sure that I'm not. My keys are ready when I leave the store, and I don't have to look around for them.

    Now if I were traveling, I'd keep the expensive stuff at home. Thefts of this type are more common in Europe than in the U.S., and I've heard many criminals say they target those with designer bags and luggage (when you land at the airport, checking in at the hotel, carrying lots of lux-brand bags on a major shopping street). Even if everything were safe, I'd hate to check them without massive amounts of insurance, and I don't think it's worth the worry. As travel people are prone to saying, if you can't afford to lose it, don't travel with it.