Do bags have a personality?

  1. Okay, I know this is going to sound strange but I was talking to a gf of mind and expressing how I am debating between getting one of two different bags. I am looking at the Celine Luggage or the Bal City. I am leaning more towards the Celine b/c I like the "personality" it has. She didn't understand my point so I am hoping some of you ladies know what I mean. Here is goes.

    I feel like when I look at certain bags, they have a story to tell, a personality if you will. I select bags based on that personality. If I like the visual appeal of more than one bag, I will select the one that has a personality that best matches mine. For example:

    Marc Jacobs Stam- Young, ladylike, refined yet still stylish. Likes to laugh.
    Bal City- This bag is casual with a slight edge. If this bag were a girl, she would be the type of girl to tell you exactly what she thinks of you. No holding back. She would also be a guy's girl...the type of girl that has a lot of guy friends.
    Chanel flap-Enjoys the finer things in life. Has high expectations of herself and everyone else around her. Is very particular to details.
    Celine Luggage-Loves high fashion. Always wants the newest styles of everything. Enjoys the relaxed formality of the bag.

    I don't know where I come up w/ these personalities but it is just what comes to me when I see them. This is why I am leaning towards the Celine b/c I feel like that more closely matches my personality compared to what I see when I look at the Bal city. Anyone else have similar experiences w/ bag associations?
  2. yes i think so, i think our eyes are used to shape and connotation on the shape, also with colour, we are trained to associate colour with certain mood/feeling so everything's created by human must carry the "personality"
  3. Yes I believe they do! I am a Bal gal. Lol. I mostly have linea pelle right now and that is a casual chic style. Relaxed with a slight bit of edge.
  4. Oh yes... Some bags say "i am quirky and fun" and some say "i am classic and serious" and others say "you can count on me when in doubt"
  5. Oh I would live,to know about the last kind you mentioned.. Lol
  6. My sister and i were just talking about something similar! I started a thread about it too! But we were talking about how they saw dogs look like their owner and how bags match people too!
  7. While I agree with you on the first bags, I don't on the Luggage.

    For me that bag's personality is a very classic, but very stylish woman, who doesn't wear the latest trend.
  8. Ya I totally agree! Though I believe the structure of it contributes to its personality as well. Say the Celine is more structure than the Bal.
  9. what's a "Bal"?
  10. That would be my classic black chanel. 😉
  11. Balenciaga;)
  12. Definitely! Like cars and clothing, people have a choice and they choose what best suits their attitude and personality! Its the same with bags! A tom boy type of girl would never pick a Louis Vuitton bag for example! She would rather go for a marc jacobs Pretty Nylon 13" Messenger type of bag and wear it across her body rather than just hanging it from one shoulder! If that makes sense!
  13. Yes of course , Its your style !
  14. Great thread! I love my relaxed "hobo" slouchy bags, which tell others "I'm relaxed and laid back, baby" (even though I might be a neurotic mess inside!! lol)...and I love my more "serious," structured bags, which tell others "I'm sharp and I mean business." :smile:
  15. Ummm I'm mostly a tom boy and LV is one of my favorite brands. Monogram is not feminine.