Do authentic Balenciaga shoulder straps do this?

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  1. There are sort of white threads sticking out of the ends of my Balenciaga Giant City. I bought it second hand on Bonanzle, and now I'm worried if it's genuine? I had it authenticated back then, and I'm not asking you to authenticate it again, I just need to know if this is normal behaviour for a Balenciaga?

    And if it is, can I do anything about it?

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  2. I had the same thing with my bbags (I think 3) I just carefully burned it off.
  3. Thanks. I'm glad it's relatively normal.
  4. Yes, it happens.
  5. Yup, normal.
  6. Yes, and in my experience it happens more often with GH bags than RH.
  7. it is happening with mine!
  8. It's normal.
  9. Yes, they do that. Happens when the edge coating wears off.