Do any Rolex or other automatic watch owners sleep with their watch on??

  1. I have started to sleep with my new Rolex datejust, at first it was because I didn't want it to stop if I didn't wear it enough during the day but now I wear it to bed every night! it doesn't bother me when I sleep and I don't worry about having to wear it enough to keep it from stopping because I wear it almost 24 hours a day!
    Does anyone else wear their Rolex or automatic watch to bed??
  2. It won't stop working if you take if off just for the night. You can also wind an automatic which will keep it working for awhile.

    Also have you thought about a watch box winder?
  3. I wear it to bed every night, but not b/c I think it will stop (it won't... my mom never wears hers to bed, and it's just fine in the morning)... I wear mine to bed every night b/c it's just a habit I have. I don't sleep with any of my jewelry other than my Rolex.
  4. I have a midsized Rolex datejust and I would never sleep with would just bug me ;). It will not stop working after just one night. It usually takes 2-4 days for it to stop. I would get a watch box winder before I would sleep with it on IMO.
  5. I don't sleep with mine for no other reason than jewelry at night bothers me. Don’t worry, it won't stop overnight. It should have a power reserve of 36-48 hours. If you plan to take it off for longer than 2 days at a time, invest in a nice Orbita watchwinder.
  6. I sleep with my Rolex Datejust and I wish it had indiglo!
  7. I sleep with my automatic J12 on. It has nothing to do with me being worried about it stopping, since I know there's a power reserve. The only time I ever take it off is when I shower (I know it's a diver's watch/water resistant, but I don't like showering with it for some reason). :yes: I always take all of my other jewelry off at night except for my J12. I like to keep it close to me at all times lol!
  8. sometimes I do but I take all my other jewerly off.
  9. Nope, I always leave mine off.
  10. All the time,never take it off,its so comfortable I don't even notice it there
  11. lol, I thought I was the only one who felt this way!
  12. Yes!! Because I often will forget to put it on during the day, so it stops and it's an older Rolex and I'm an older lady and between the two of us, sometimes it's hard for me to reset.

    Soooo, it sometimes gets worn as much or more at night than it does during the day;)
  13. I like to keep it close to me at all times lol!

    Haha, actually I think thats why I keep wearing it to bed! I do always take all my other jewelry off...
  14. DBF takes his off at night. I think I would too. Sleeping with a watch on would be uncomfortable.
    I just a quartz TAG Heuer Aquaracer yesterday. It's a diving watch, but I still tried not to get it wet when I washed my hands. I am so weird...
  15. I wear my rolex to bed and in the shower,I never take it off. I wear that and my Tiffanys brac. all the time. They never come off. My Tiffany brac. is all hearts, with one gold heart in the center. To take it off you have to match up two hearts for it to be removed. It is too much work. I love it anyway. I also wear a Tiffanys platinum band when I'm not wearing my wedding ring. Those 3 peices are always on me, or my wedding ring.
    I need to post pictures of my Rolex. I got the silver concentric dial in the midsize- I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    Chanel girl, I hope you are enjoying your Rolex. If money were no object, that would have been my first choice. It is beautiful!!!! I am very happy with mine for it being my 2nd choice!