Do any other Orlando, FL stores (Neimans/Saks) carry Chanel?

  1. Am thinking of taking a car trip to the Chanel boutique in Orlando and wondered if any other stores there carry Chanel- like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.

    What do they carry- shoes/bags/accessories.....

    Is the selection good at those stores?

    My Orlando Chanel SA said the boutique there is 'smaller'- how's their selection in your opinion?

    Also, is the Chanel boutique close to those stores?

    Thanks a bunch ladies!:flowers:
  2. Ok, I checked Chanel's store locator and there is a Saks in Orlando that carries Chanel as well.

    Anyone know how the selection is?
  3. Hi sammiekat - I live in Orlando. Where are you driving from?

    The Chanel boutique in Millenia Mall has a decent selection, the last time I was there they had some Medallion Totes, PST's, Patent Reiusses, Classic Flaps and some of the Cambon Line. There is a NM in the same mall, but they do not carry Chanel unfortunately. They only have sunglasses.

    The Saks Chanel boutique is kind of small, and is barely staffed. It is located at the Florida Mall on Sand Lake Rd, about 5 miles from Millenia Mall. My advice to you is to go to this mall as early as you can, it gets so packed with tourists very quickly. At Saks they had a decent bag/accessories selection when I was there last week. There were a couple of clutches, Large Modern Chain, Diagonal CC line, Preforated Line, and some patent flaps and other misc. bags are hidden away if you get a hold of an SA to get them out of the stockroom for you.

    Unfortunately that is the only Chanel around here, you may be able to find some discounted peices at the Saks Off 5th or the Barney's Outlet.

    Have fun shopping!
  4. Thanks SO much for the info! You have been very helpful!
    I am coming from Jacksonville so it will be about a 3hr drive- hope it will be worthwhile lol! I am tired of buying everything over the phone- I want to see & touch everything!:p

    Where is the Barney's Outlet located? I have been to the Saks Off 5th a few times in Orlando but didn't know there was a Barney's.
  5. You are very welcome! The Barney's is located in the Premium Outlets. These are the higher end outlets of Orlando right off of I-4 before you hit Disney. Here is the website to the outlets for more info: Orlando Premium Outlets
  6. Ok, thanks so much again!:flowers: