Do any of you worry about hardware getting scuffed/scratched?

  1. I recently got my first Chanel but I realized the CC clasp scratches so easily! I always push the flap down when I close it but still within a handful of uses, I was sad to see it was already scratched :sad: Anyone have any tips for protecting it? I tried several searches but I didn't find much info...maybe there isn't much we can do to prevent it...but I'm determined to think of something!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. My bags are older and I haven't had a problem with the hardware getting scratched. Perhaps the plating formula has changed. If you can take it to a Chanel boutique and ask about it, that might be your best bet. Since your bag is new, the sooner the better. I know they can refurbish most bags and I've had a bracelet replated. The service, however, is not free. Since your bag is new, perhaps it's a quality control issue and they will do it for nothing. Take your receipt with you to prove it's a new bag.
  3. aww...i hope mine doesn't do that! but maybe it's suppose to?
  4. i have the same problem..i dunno how to fix it and its frusterating!! =p
  5. I don't care anymore. I just use my bags and enjoy them. I can't worry about scratches, it will drive me crazy.
  6. i'm the same with my bags as i am with my bugs me if there is a scratch or ding on it...drives me nuts! Though how can i enjoy them when all i do is worry about if its going to get sratched or have a very good point Jayne1
  7. you know, i just don't think there's anything you can do to prevent, besides being careful. i have been so careful with my e/w flap and the twist clasp still got scratches....and i think the more you use the bag the more often (or more easily) it will happen. The 1st time the clasp got scratches I was kinda upset about it that I also posted a thread here whining about it....but now it doesn't bug me as much. Just be more careful....i'd say it's just hard to keep that shiny piece of hardware w/o any scratches.
  8. Hi girls, is there any way to repair or improve the scratches that inevitably appear on the CC hardware (the big CC logo, either in gold or silver that appears on diamond stitch totes, classic flaps, etc.).
    The scratches on mine are really bothering me…
    I read somewhere that peanut butter can be used to get the scratches out of CDs (not Christian Dior, but the type that plays music:p ).
    Any ideas?
  9. Good question. I also want to know 'cause I love DS tote.
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  11. wow if my peanut butter could remove the scratches on the hardware for me.. i would be thrilled!!! :nuts::nuts:
  12. last time i asked the SA she said I should send it off to chanel for them to fix it, but that would have costed a couple hundred, and a very long time, if you know, let us know too! my hardware was the really big chanel logo, so you can imagine how many scratches were on it.. plus the bag was lambskin..
  13. I haven't had my Chanel classic flap for very long and I've only used it a few times, but already there are lots of scratches on the CC clasp. One of them is quite deep. Does this happen to everyone so quickly and easily?
  14. Scratches happen. I don't know how often or easily but just that they do. The hardware can be replated or perhaps buffed out. Which method probably depends on how deep the scratch. It's not much different than gold rings and how with daily use they become dull, scratched. Take them to a jeweler and they polish them out with a buffer. Don't want to do it too often as fine particles of gold is removed as well, same with platinum or whatever the metal. Replating is more costly, runs about $300 to do chains and clasp on reissue, for instance. I'd live with it until the bag needs to be refurbished. Be as gentle and caring with your purses, as much as possible anyway.
  15. i noticed one on mine as well and i haven't even used it. I think it is so easy to do it is inevitable. I think you should not worry about it now , enjoy your purse,and when it gets worse then think about getting it refurbished.